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How Outsourced Call Answering Can Benefit Your Accounting Firm

How Outsourced Call Answering Can Benefit Your Accounting Firm

Most accounting firms experience the same challenges when it comes to answering calls and capturing new enquiries.

There can be quiet periods when you’re not as busy answering the phone, and then those periods around accounting and tax season when you’re dealing with more calls then you know what to do with.

It could be existing clients chasing for updates, new leads who have realised filing their taxes is more complicated than they thought, or needing time yourself to chase information so you can get your client’s records filed.

No matter how busy you are, every call is important, but when you’re under pressure your time can be better spent elsewhere rather than trying to handle every inbound call.

That’s why we’ve compiled the top benefits your accounting firm could get from a specialist telephone answering service for accountants.

Be more productive

Being an accountant can be highly pressurised as you’re working to strict deadlines and dealing with clients who aren’t always the best at organising their paperwork.

This means you need all the time you can get to be productive and concentrate on your core job.

Needing to take time away to answer calls, especially when they’re sales calls or spam calls can be distracting.

But you can’t run the risk of not answering a call because it could be a client or a potential new business lead.

Investing in call answering for your accountancy firm means you can be more productive and focus on your work while our specialist PAs handle your inbound calls for you.

Less investment for more resource

One option for dealing with inbound calls is to hire a full-time or part-time receptionist. But this involved a salary, tax, insurance, pension and the general admin that comes with having staff.

Plus, hiring one person only helps you deal with calls if they come in one at a time, which you’ll likely know doesn’t always happen.

Once your new receptionist is one on the phone, they can’t deal with another one until the call ends. So you’re still struggling to answer more calls but paying wages.

With an outsourced call answering service for your accounting firm you get a dedicated team of virtual PAs who can cover each other when one is on a call or taking a break so there’s always someone available to answer your phone.

Plus a telephone answering service is cheaper than hiring staff and you’ll only pay for the service you use.

Scale your call answering as you need it

As we’ve mentioned, hiring staff can seem like a good investment when you’re busy, but during quieter periods in the year that investment might not seem as good when you need less call answering resource, but are still paying the same salary amount.

With a specialist accountancy answering service you can scale up the amount of service you need during busy periods, and then scale the service down (and reduce your bill) when you don’t need as much support.

Answer more out-of-hours calls

It’s going to be the case that not all clients or new enquiries can call between 9-5. But do you really want to try and work longer hours or answer calls at the weekend?

A telephone answering service like the one we offer at Face For Business can help you extend your call answering hours both in the week and at weekends, without you needing to be available.

Our PAs can take detailed messages for your to handle when it’s convenient, answer basic enquiries about your services, or transfer urgent calls or those you tell us you’d still like to receive after-hours.

Create a professional call answering function

When it comes to something as important as accounts and dealing with tax, showing clients you’re professional is critical.

Just as it’s important to show you’re reliable and available to clients when they need you.

A telephone answering service creates that professional, reliable persona for your business by always having a real person available to answer the phone when you’re not able to.

Rather than sending clients to a robotic answering machine they’ll be greeted by a human who can deal with their enquiry and take the information you need to help.

Even if the enquiry can’t be handled by us directly, your client will be reassured they’ve spoken to a real person and not just left a voicemail that might not be heard for a few days.

Try our specialist call answering for accountants FREE for 7-days

If you want to find out if a call answering service will help you, take advantage of our free trial and see for yourself.

During the week you’ll see how our expert PAs can help take calls off your hands and free you up to have more time on your core job, without worrying that you’re missing out on new business or disappointing clients.

Sign up online or give us a call on 0333 323 1007

30th November, 2023

Posted by Face For Business

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