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How outsourced call handling helps with business growth

How outsourced call handling helps with business growth

Outsourcing can be a great way for businesses to tap into a larger pool of expertise at a lower cost than bringing skills in-house, while still allowing teams to focus on their core jobs.

Outsourced call handling can be an overlooked function when it comes to investment because it seems like such a basic thing for a business to deal with. But when you need your team focussed, outsourcing your call handling can have a much bigger positive effect than you might have thought.

Here’s why.

  1. Outsourced call handling is cost effective

Relying on your team to answer the phones pulls them away from their primary job. Hiring a receptionist can be one solution to the problem of missed calls, but it’s an expensive option.

Receptionist salaries can start at close to £30,000 a year (especially for an experienced receptionist or if you’re in London) and that doesn’t include other costs like holiday and sick pay, pensions and tax and insurance.

Outsourcing your call handling is more efficient because it simply costs less. For example one of our most popular tariffs starts at £200 a month; much cheaper than the cost of an employee.

Reducing the cost can free up more investment that you can make in growing your business.

  1. Outsourced call handling is more scalable

Flexibility is key when it comes to growth, and especially when it comes to financial flexibility. 

Being able to move resources around to where they’re most needed is a key part of growing a business, and outsourced call handling can help with this.

Unlike hiring staff (which come with fixed costs regardless of the demand on their time) outsourced call handling can be scaled in line with the demand.

This means you’re only paying for the service you need, and can reduce costs to redistribute elsewhere when needed.

  1. Increase your operating hours

It tracks that being open for longer provides more potential to win opportunities from customers who can only call (or do call) out of regular business hours.

This can often be the case for many businesses, like estate agents or solicitors, whose customers are often also working during the normal 9-5 and the only chance they get to call is before and after work.

If you’re closed during these early and later hours, you’re potentially missing out.

One alternative could be to work longer hours yourself, but this is inevitably going to lead to burnout.

Investing in outsourced call answering can extend your opening hours without requiring extra work from you.

For example Face For Business’ out of hours call answerings runs from 8-8 weekdays, 9-5:30 Saturday and 10-4 Sunday.

  1. Give teams more time to be productive

As important as phone calls are, they can be seen as distracting by your team when they get in the way of what they’re meant to be doing.

If teams have a deadline, a call in the middle of the day from someone with a simple question could be seen as an inconvenience, rather than a customer service opportunity.

Outsourcing call handling gives teams more time to focus on their core roles and be productive in growing a business and adding value.

Allowing them to do more of the job you’re paying them to do is only going to have positive results for you in the long-term.

Plus, by outsourcing your call handling you can be assured of a high level of customer service at all times.

Use outsourced call handling as a growth tool

Trying to grow a business is tough, especially when there’s a lot of uncertainty around.

So finding every advantage you can could make a big difference. Outsourced call handling might only seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference to your business.

Just look through some of our case studies to see what a positive impact outsourced call handling has had on our existing customers.

If you want to know more about outsourced call answering for your business give us a call on 0333 323 1007 or fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

You can even try us completely free for 7-days to see if we could be a good partner to give you more time and money to put elsewhere to help grow your business.

02nd February, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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