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Inbound Call Answering Services: What? Why? Worth It?

Inbound Call Answering Services: What? Why? Worth It?

Inbound call answering services can still play an important role in customer service despite customers having the use of emails, texts and live chat bots.

Given that the majority of customers still prefer to pick up the phone and speak to a person when they have a sensitive or urgent enquiry, or when contacting a small business, it’s worth noting why you can benefit from having a real person at your end of the phone rather than an answering machine or automated call routing system.

Instead, inbound call answering services provide a team of outsourced PAs who answer inbound calls and can either transfer callers to the right person or take a detailed message for you to follow up later – among other things.

This blog should help you understand more the benefits of using an inbound call answering service.

Better customer service

Nobody wants to call a business and wait for ages for someone to answer, but this can be common when your team is busy and phone calls can be seen as more of a distraction than anything else.

It’s also worth remembering that your customers have plenty of other options when it comes to buying products and services so the risk of call abandonment shouldn’t be overlooked.

Having outsourced call answering services available to answer call can cut wait times and reduce abandoned calls while also helping improve customer satisfaction by giving them a real person to speak to every time they call.

An inbound call answering service also ensures a more consistent experience for callers as they can spend time answering the phone in a polite manner, rather than when they’re feeling harried and want to get the call done quickly.

These trained call handlers work with you to understand your business so they can provide a knowledgeable and reliable experience to customers every time.

Plus, you can customise how the service works based on how you prefer certain calls to be dealt with so you have a professional call management system in place.

Provide out-of-hours call answering support

Not every customer can call between the hours of 9-5 but that doesn’t mean they don’t need your help outside these hours.

But you also can’t be available every hour of the day and night (even the most dedicated person needs to clock out at some point).

By using an inbound call answering service you can provide out-of-hours support on the phone without you or your team being required to extend the hours you work.

Your outsourced PAs can continue to take messages for you to deal with in the morning, while customers still get the reassurance that they’ve spoken to a real person and had their enquiry or concern logged.

If you want certain calls (like emergencies or calls from important clients) to be transferred out-of-hours this can be arranged with your inbound call answering service.

These additional hours of phone cover can be highly important when it comes to capturing new business enquiries outside your regular office hours and can provide an advantage over competitors who limit customers to ‘normal’ office hours.

More cost efficient call support

We think there is absolutely still a place for the ‘traditional’ receptionist but you do have to consider the operational costs of hiring a full-time, or even part-time, receptionist.

Hiring staff means a fixed salary, pension contributions, holiday pay, tax, insurance plus any other benefits or training costs you could incur. Not to mention the admin that comes with managing staff contracts and appraisals etc.

Inbound call answering services typically operate on a subscription model like ‘pay per call’ so you only pay for the amount of call support you need. This can greatly reduce your overheads while still providing a reliable call answering function.

Better call management

One thing about hiring staff is that one person can only deal with one call at a time.

If another customer calls then they’ll need to be put on hold – so you’re still not getting an effective call management function, despite paying for costs.

Hiring inbound call answering services helps overcome this because your team of PAs can handle multiple calls at once.

They can route calls to the right person or take detailed messages, ensuring they’re passed to you or the relevant person immediately to deal with.

This can have a positive effect on workflows and productivity because your team has more time to focus on their core roles, rather than stepping away to answer the phone.

Outsourced call answering services can also be more effective for businesses that experience different levels of call answering requirements during the year.

These services are more flexible than fixed staffing costs, meaning you can scale how much service you have (and pay for) in line with demand.

This helps prevent spikes in missed calls or lost opportunities during busier periods while also ensuring you aren’t paying for a service you don’t need during quieter periods.

Create a more professional image for customers

Inbound call answering services can help you create a more professional customer service function by ensuring you always have real people on the end of the phone when customers call.

This reliability can improve customer confidence in your business and create more consistent, quality conversations between your business and your customers.

We know from research that customers who have positive experiences with businesses are more likely to remain loyal and spend more with those companies, while also improving your marketing by advocating for friends and family to use your services.

Could inbound call answering services help your business?

If you’re thinking this all sounds good but aren’t sure it’s a good fit for your company, then why not trial our inbound call answering services, completely free, for 7 days.

You can see up close how the service works and the potential benefits it can bring.

If, after the 7 days, you decide it’s not for you then you’re free to walk away with no obligation and no hard feelings.

Sound fair?

Trial our inbound call answering services for 7 days

26th February, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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