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The Benefits of Inbound Call Answering Services

The Benefits of Inbound Call Answering Services

Having real people available to answer the phone to customers or new business leads can seem like a small thing these days with the amount of options available.

Whether it’s email, instant messaging, live chat, the list goes on, there are so many ways customers can contact you that phone calls can be overlooked.

But given that the majority of customers still prefer to pick up the phone when they have a specific or urgent enquiry, or when they’re contacting a small business, phone answering cannot be ignored.

This is where inbound call answering services come in.

Inbound call answering services ensure your business answers every call that comes in (and that calls are always answered by a real person) without needing you or your team to drop what you’re doing.

As a provider of inbound call answering services you might think we’re biassed (and we are) that our service can have noticeable benefits for your business. And we’re ready to make the case for them.

Provide better customer support

When customers have a question they don’t want to leave a voicemail or be directed by an automated service.

They want to talk to someone.

But you can’t always be available to answer the phone. Investing in inbound call answering services ensures you always have a real person at your end of the phone who can greet customers in a professional, friendly manner.

Inbound call answering services are staffed by professional PAs who can answer simple questions about your products and services directly, reducing the time customers need to wait in order to get a response.

Even if they can’t answer questions directly, you’d probably agree that it’s more reassuring knowing you’ve told a real person about the issue you’re having rather than leaving the details on an answering machine.

This consistency of service can help improve customer satisfaction and also means you can provide a more personalised and tailored level of support on the phone.

Increase your availability

Your customers’ questions don’t start and end between the usual 9-5 office hours, but you need to clock off at some point.

Using inbound call answering services allows you to extend the amount of time callers can speak to a real person in your business, without you or your team needing to be available.

This allows you to continue offering personable and professional customer service and capture more new business opportunities outside standard business hours.

Also, given that customers have so much choice over who they can buy from, if they’re met with a voice recording out-of-hours they’re more likely to put the phone down and call someone else until they get a response, rather than leaving a voicemail and hoping you’ll call back in the morning.

Keep costs under control

The traditional answer to dealing with inbound calls was to hire a receptionist to sit behind a desk and answer the phone.

But this can be costly, with the average receptionist salary coming close to £30,000 a year, plus the additional costs of holiday and sick pay, pensions, insurance, tax etc.

Not to mention that one person can only handle one call at a time.

Inbound call answering services provide you with a lead PA supported by a team of 3-5 PAs (at least ours does) who can cover each other, at a much lower cost than hiring staff.

Rather than paying a fixed salary you can have a more flexible service that can be scaled in line with the demand you have for call answering support (and you won’t have to pay for staff training because all our PAs are highly experienced).

By reducing overheads on phone answering you’ll have more to invest in other areas of the business.

Improve your inbound call management

As a customer (and you might have experienced this yourself) it can be annoying to say the least when someone tries to forward you to someone else and you end up stuck in a loop or are cut off.

This is big problem with call routing when employees whose main jobs aren’t to deal with calls are asked to handle them.

“We often got some responses from customers saying they’d had difficulty getting through to staff, and unfortunately it’s just the nature of a small, busy organisation,” said Paul Cherpeau, CEO, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce when describing the challenges the organisation has with call management prior to bringing in Face For Business.

You can read more of his story here.

Many employees don’t have training on their phone systems and it can cause problems for customers.

Inbound call answering services provide a more efficient call routing function, ensuring customers are transferred only when someone is available to take the call.

If someone isn’t available, inbound call answering services are able to record accurate messages (something else that can’t always be guaranteed when employees are dealing with calls).

Inbound call answering services are also better equipped to manage spikes in call volumes during peak periods, because you get a team of PAs covering the phones rather than just one person.

This ensures more of your calls are answered and the potential for missing out on opportunities is greatly reduced.

Have a more flexible and scalable call answering resource

The amount of inbound call cover you need is likely to change throughout the year as you go through the usual busier and quieter times that happen in every business.

Inbound call answering services offer the kind of flexible and scalable support you need because prices and packages can be scaled.

This means you can easily adjust how much support you have at a given time, providing peace of mind that if you experience a sudden influx of calls, the support is there immediately when you need it.

Having this support means your team can continue to focus on their jobs and completing projects without worrying that calls are being missed.

Create a more professional image

Inbound call answering services can help reflect positively on your business when it comes to customer service by ensuring all your calls are answered, and that callers are always met by a real person and not a machine.

Creating this sense of reliability that you’re there when your customers need you can help develop trust, something today’s customers value.

By having real people available to speak to customers you’re able to have more personal interactions with customers and build more positive experiences, rather than relying on automated phone systems or, worse, missing calls entirely.

All this can ultimately lead to more opportunities for your company with customers more likely to make repeat purchases, and recommend you to other people if they see you as reliable.

This is what Richard Minshull of Minshull Windows says about the importance of creating a more professional image, particularly for smaller businesses:

“For any modern company in today’s society it’s incredibly important that all calls are answered. It’s easy for keyboard warriors to strike out there and give a bad Google, Yell or Bing review on your company simply because you’ve not got back with a call.

“It’s incredibly important for all companies, in my opinion, as the manager of a small owner managed business to have professional call handling.”

Investing in inbound call answering services

Ultimately an inbound call answering service provides benefits across your business from internal productivity to improved customer service and loyalty.

By having real people available to answer the phone without putting the burden on your team you can create a business with a reputation for quality service while giving teams more time to do what they do best.

At Face For Business we offer a 7-day free trial of our inbound call answering service so you can see what the service is like up close.

If you want to take advantage of the trial you can call us directly on 0333 323 1007 or fill in the contact form and one of the team will be in touch.

23rd February, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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