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Just how much could that missed phone call cost you?

Just how much could that missed phone call cost you?

Telephone Answering Service Face for Business

£1,000? £12,000? £24,000? Think about it.  When you miss a call from a prospective client/customer, just how much revenue would they bring in to your business? Our call handling service helps to capture new prospects for our clients on a daily basis, and they couldn’t be without us!

Having FFB answer my calls means I am not tied to the office and have peace of mind knowing that I will not lose any new business or miss an important call from an existing client. I can recommend their services to anyone who wants a professional and friendly person to answer their calls.

Whether you’re a nationwide corporate company, mumpreneur or start-up or small business, first impressions count and if your phone rings and rings then goes to voicemail, you might miss out on something special.

Using a telephone answering service with real people taking messages for you

In the hi-tech, fast paced digital age we operate in, many of us believe that emails and social media messages are the preferred means of communication. However, even with Alexa on hand to help, there’s still a lot to be said about the humble telephone and the ability to speak to another human being.  When there is an issue, a question or a new customer glitch, being put on hold or sent to an answer machine can be disappointing and frustrating and callers are left to go it alone with a bad taste in their mouths.

We know that you can’t do it all and calls can be missed for a number of reasons:

• You’re genuinely busy and in the middle of something
• You’re in a meeting
• You’re on the road and it isn’t safe to answer the phone
• You don’t have enough staff but can’t afford to take on an employee to cover the phones
• You do have enough staff, but they are busy focusing on their work
• Calls aren’t seen as a priority (ouch) so resources are put into social media
• Your business is closed
• You’re on holiday or sick
• You’re having a toilet break!

All of these are totally valid reasons not to pick up the phone, and we have all been there, but the caller doesn’t know any of this and if they can’t get through to you, they may take their frustrations, and business, elsewhere.

Telephone answering service solutions

One solution more and more people are turning to, is a telephone answering service, like Face for Business.  We offer a range of affordable, flexible packages that perfectly fit with your needs and means that you never have worry about missing the one call that could take you from being good to great. Answering calls for businesses of all sizes and types, our PAs get to know your business before they ‘go live’ answering your calls and therefore will provide a seamless service.

Since coming across Face for Business I have never looked back. I find them very professional and an enormous help in freeing up my time and helping to expand my business as I never miss an important call.

Our team of professional virtual receptionists are not only tested and trained but are also dedicated to offering first class customer service and as such become a seamless member of your team.

The service that Face for Business provide is exceptional, professional and discreet. Since we commissioned FFB to manage our telephone calls we have had fantastic feedback from clients who believed that our dedicated call answering PA was in fact a member of our staff.

Whether you use the service all the time or just when you can’t get to the phone (as an outsourced reception), we will ensure you won’t miss any calls ever again.

Your PA will use agreed call handling instructions from you and will get to know exactly what you do and how to help callers.  They’ll then send you a detailed message so you can return their call at a time that works for you both. 

The call is also logged on your client portal which you can listen back to at your own convenience.   

Your customers will view you as professional, efficient and committed and you won’t need to worry about what calls you are missing, because we will have answered them for you!

Have a 7-day free trial on us!

If this sounds like a service you need in your life, why not get in touch on 0333 323 1007 and let’s chat through the options. We will give you a 7-day day free trial so you can see for yourself just how many missed calls we answer for you.

15th February, 2018

Posted by Face For Business

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