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Live Chat for Accountants: Winning more through your website

Live Chat for Accountants: Winning more through your website

Investing in managed Live Chat for your accounting firm’s website can completely change how you help and communicate with clients, as well as increase your opportunities for winning new business.

While many people still prefer to speak to their accountant on the phone, live chat for accountants is a great marketing, sales and customer service tool as it creates opportunity to have more conversations with customers and prospects at the exact time they’re looking at or for your services.

Here are just a few reasons having live chat on your accounting firm’s website is a great investment.

A personalised experience online

Most accounting firms now use a website for their marketing and to be found by more customers online through search engines or to provide information.

But for the majority of times, accounting websites are static brochures describing the basic services being offered. This can put a lot of the workload on the user to research the services themselves and can be difficult if they’re not completely sure what they’re looking for.

Live chat can turn your website into a live help desk, with PAs available to answer customer questions directly if it’s about the services you offer, or to direct them straight to the information they need.

This creates a much more personalised service.

Convert web visitors into sales

Winning new clients can be a difficult task, especially for busy accounting firms and definitely during busier periods when you’re heads down in filing client returns and chasing information.

Using live chat allows you to engage proactively with web users, so you can answer questions, provide information about your services and win more clients online.

Answer questions quickly

Many new clients when searching for an accountant may have a lot of the same basic questions. Not about topics only your experts can cover, but whether you deal with certain types of returns, or can help with certain financial matters or if you specialise in a particular type of accounting – like property for example.

Although important, these questions can be time consuming for you and your team.

Having a managed Live Chat service like Face For Business’ on your website, allows our PAs to answer these basic service questions and give your potential clients the information they need quickly, while you can continue on value adding work and building relationships.

Build relationships with customers before you speak to them

Accounting can be a very personal service (there’s a lot of trust that goes into making sure accounts and returns are filed correctly).

Live chat allows accountants to build relationships with potential clients before speaking with them in person.

For you, this means you can already have a lot of information about a client and what they’re looking for before meeting them in person.

This allows your in-person meetings to be more efficient and beneficial because you don’t need to spend time gathering personal details.

More proactive engagement

Live chat allows accountants to be more proactive with potential and existing clients during the research phase.

If these clients and prospects like to do more research online before contacting an accountant for more information, managed live chat allows you to proactively engage and ‘talk’ to them at the moment they’re looking at your company.

This proactive, online engagement is proven to increase the amount of conversions you can achieve from your website.

Live chat can be more convenient

Live chat enables accountants to add an extra level of convenience in being able to provide answers and being more available to customers in more ways than just answering the phone or responding to emails.

It makes it much easier for potential clients to contact you and find information, removing the need for them to scour your website or make a new search to find your contact details or the areas you specialise in.

Live chat also makes it much easier for your team to send and receive information (especially if you can sync your managed live chat software with your CRM).

Ultimately, by engaging potential customers earlier when they’re researching your website you can increase your chance of winning new clients and growing your firm.

By engaging users earlier, you can increase the chances of making sales or winning opportunities.

Engage more out of hours

Not every enquiry is going to come during ‘normal’ office hours, and this can be particularly true when online searches are being out-of-hours (like when people are waiting for a train or working late on their business).

Lots of online research can be done in the early morning, late evenings, and even the weekends. Which means you need to be available for extended business hours.

Outsourced live chat enables you to extend your hours beyond the normal 9-5 and allows users to engage with your live chat for longer, without you needing to be available.

Experience live chat for your accounting firm with Face For Business

Find out for yourself how we’ve helped hundreds of accounting firms improve the online customer experience, win more new business opportunities with our managed live chat and telephone answering for accounting firms.

Our specialist accounting PAs have years of industry experience so know the types of enquiries they’ll be dealing with and can be up-to-speed on your firm quickly.

A Face For Business PA works as an extension of your team, delivering better customer service to visitors and helping you make the most out of your website.

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15th December, 2023

Posted by Face For Business

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