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Telephone Answering Services for Driving Schools with Face for Business

Telephone Answering Services for Driving Schools with Face for Business

So, how can Face for Business’ call handling service help you if you are a driving instructor or driving school?

We can help in a number of ways…

Divert your calls to us when you are taking a lesson.

Most of our driving instructor clients have come to us because they are missing important telephone calls from prospective pupils.  Driving instructors are not allowed to take calls when with a pupil, and it is now a requirement by law.  As most instructors are out on lessons for the majority of the day (and evening) they can find it increasingly difficult to take calls and respond to them.  This can leave them feeling anxious that they could be missing new pupils.  That’s how Face for Business can help.  All driving instructors need to do when they are about to embark on a series of lessons, is divert their calls to us, with one simple step.

Face for Business’s PAs then answer their calls as if they work for the instructor. For example, “Hello, Learn Drive UK, Annette speaking how can I help you?”  All Learn Drive UK’s company information is to hand, and we are always updated from the owner of the driving school with the current prices and instructors.  Therefore, when we answer the call, we have all the knowledge and professionalism we need.

But, many other call answering services do this, so what makes Face for Business different?

• A dedicated PA to work with
• Inbound enquiry handling
• Name, number, address, postcode capture
• Transmission needs – manual or automatic, male or female
• Previous experience check
• Provision licence and theory test status check
• Pricing information communication
• Appropriate package explanation and agreement
• Bookings aligned to the appropriate instructor
• Diary management – first lessons and block booking booked in
• Pick-up point agreed
• Payment options advice
• Various pricing packages to suit needs and budget

Face for Business has also developed its own unique system of instructor availability and area coverage.  We always strive to be the best, and try hard to adapt our service to suit our clients.

Let Face for Business book your pupil’s lessons for you.

As well as call handling for driving schools and driving instructors, Face for Business can also book lessons in your diary for you.  We do this for a number of independent driving schools, the majority with over 10 instructors, so we are competent and proficient in using a number of different diaries.  In fact, Face for Business was shortlisted to the final eight companies for this year’s Red Rose Awards, in the ‘Innovation’ category.  Have a look at our press release on the award here.

We follow the same process when taking a call for our driving schools, and have had excellent feedback from our clients. Take a look at a selection of testimonials regarding our call handing service with driving instructors.

All in all, Face for Business can be the solution for capturing new pupils for driving schools. We have a number of clients in the line of business, ranging from independent driving schools to individual one man band instructors. We have a number of Driving School Packages to suit the requirements of each individual company. Why not give one of our Sales Team a call on 0845 031 3232 and start a 7-day FREE trial today.

Get a 7-day free trial

“Never miss another enquiry and grow your business”

Dorian West Driving School.
Dorian West Driving School had been a client of Face for Business since the beginning of 2014 and initially used our service to take messages and confirm pupil booking using our online diary system. However, when Face for Business launched its new suite of Driving School Packages in May 2014, Dorian decided to review his options and trial another call answering service. After a month or so, we were delighted when Dorian came back to Face for Business, concluding that our service offered his business better value for money.

“At first I thought the revised package that Face for Business offered for driving schools was a bit expensive so I tried a bespoke driving school service. However, after a month or so I realised that the service I was getting from Face for Business was much better. Their messages are a lot more comprehensive, and they followed instructions that I left for them in terms of what information I wanted collated from my callers.

“I also prefer to have the call recording facility, so I listen to the tone and quality of the call and service. Another function that I prefer with the Face for Business system, is the ability to provide feedback. I like being able to flag up any flaws with the messages and I’m happy to say, that my dedicated PA takes this feedback on board. I’m happy to be back with Face for Business and receiving comprehensive messages, immediately.”

Helen Hurst, Learn Drive UK

“Since using Face for Business I find the virtual office arrangement has been very beneficial to my business.  I run a very busy driving school, I was missing so many calls.

“But now thanks to Face for Business most, if not all calls, we receive are being answered.  Our dedicated PA, Annette, is a delight and we couldn’t have selected a better person. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Face for Business.”

Mark Evans, iPass Driving School, West Midlands.
“I am very pleased with the service that I get with Face for Business and with my PA, Annette.  I’m a Driving Instructor trying to grow my business and I now feel I have a professional telephone and booking service in place. This year has been my best ever year in business with one full time driving instructor and one part-time driving instructor working with me and I hope to achieve more. Staying with Face for Business is definitely part of my business plan. 

If you’re going to grow, you need to invest in something like Face for Business. To be honest, Face for Business is exactly what I needed.  I am looking forward to continued success with this company.”

Kathleen Kirkland, Kathleen School of Motoring
“I would recommend (and have already) Face For Business for their telephone answer service to any small business that cannot afford or have enough work for a full time paid PA.

As a driving instructor I am out on the road all day and unable to answer my phone during lessons or whilst driving. Having Face for Business look after my telephone calls is a huge relief and help. Sharon, my dedicated PA, understands me and my business, how I work, and is able to talk to the clients, new and old about me and my service. She also books them in my diary for me.  

When a client calls me to book a lesson, if I am unable to answer the call, they will simply choose another school and I lose business and money. With Face for Business taking my calls, I never now miss a new client. I pay to have my website show first page on Google and this is wasted if I cannot answer the phone. Also, of course, my existing clients are spoken to and assured that I am out on lessons and an email is sent to me so I can call them at my earliest convenience. Thanks to Face for Business and Sharon – you are my life savers!”

Call us on 0845 031 3232 for your 7-day free trial and grow your business with us!

13th November, 2023

Posted by Face For Business

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