Tradies. Tradespeople. Joiners. Plumbers. Builders. Masons. Electricians. Plasterers. Scaffolders. Welders. The list goes on…

Are you short of time?

Do you miss important phone calls?

Are you answering calls late in the evening or on weekends?

Do you struggle to manage your diary?

Do you sometimes forget to ask important questions before agreeing to a job?

You’re not alone. There are over 1.5 million tradespeople in the UK.

Your phone rings with a call as you’re just about to carry a new bathtub into a semi-detached house on a rainy Monday morning in Bolton with an overly friendly spaniel nipping at your ankles. What do you do? Drop the bathtub and answer the call? Or keep going and call them back?

You’re in B&Q picking up some loft board when a call comes in and the caller wants to book you in for a quote on a loft conversion. You frantically pat down your pockets trying to find your diary when you realise it’s in the van. What do you do? Leave B&Q and go get your diary or tell them you’ll call them back?

It’s tough; running a business isn’t easy. But there is a better way to do things. We can relieve these worries and make your life easier.

Bold statement? Yes! But it’s true.

For 8 years, Face For Business has worked with small business owners to help them transform their business. Our customers get a Personal Assistant that will:

  • Answer their calls in their company name
  • “Good morning ABC Builders, Lisa speaking. How can I help?”
  •  Handle your calls morning, afternoon and into the night!
  • Record callers’ information
  • Answer callers’ questions; “Do you do loft conversions?”
  • Manage your diary and book in jobs
  • Screen and filter calls so you end up with the right jobs!
  • Transfer calls to you, wherever you are working

Using our services, your business will benefit from:

  • Saving time! On average 3.5 hours per week!
  • All your calls answered, quickly and efficiently
  • A friendly voice greeting your callers in your company name
  • A Free UK landline number
  • Free access to our mobile app where you can listen to every call and read your messages
  • Notifications sent to your phone
  • A dedicated account manager to ensure your calls are handled the way you want
  • Free access to our credit check facility *4 searches per month*

It sounds good, doesn’t it?

Yes, but what’s the cost? I hear you ask.

We have price plans to suit every business. Our plans vary, depending upon the number and length of calls we handle for you. To give you an example, our price plans start at just £39 per month.

To get a better idea of the price plan that would best suit your business why not book a free consultation with one of our team and take advantage of a FREE 7 day trial. At the end of your FREE trial we can tell you how many calls you received and what the cost would be if you signed up as a customer. There are no commitments or contracts to trial us. You can enjoy the trial completely free for 7-days.

To summarise:

Step 1:   Book a call with us here

Step 2: During our call we will build a service plan to suit your business.

Step 3: We will set up your account and start taking your calls, FREE for 7 days.

You can experience all the benefits with absolutely no risk or commitments.

Book your call with us here

Speak to you soon.