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 Telephone answering service Liverpool Chamber of Commerce


Face for Business becomes a strategic partner with the Liverpool and Sefton Chamber of Commerce!

We became strategic partners towards the end of last year and have been answering calls on behalf of the chamber to take the pressure off the in-house team and to ensure that their customer service objectives are met, by having all calls answered.  Richard Smith, Business Engagement Manager, says...

It’s been great having Face for Business on board as a member and we look forward to seeing the business relationship flourish here in Liverpool. Furthermore, they answer our overflow calls for us which means that we never miss another call from our members. It’s been working really well for us.


Outsourcing your calls to an external service provider can leave most businesses feeling apprehensive. So how do you go about choosing the right call handling provider for you?
Andy MacGregor, Managing Director, Face for Business

Face for Business

Good financial management is key for business success, for operations big and small. If you are an entrepreneur or start-up, it is vital that you get this right from the start, so that you can grow in the future with confidence.

In order to make your business scalable, you need to maintain financial structure and stability. Accountants can help you understand the position of your business, provide you with invaluable advice, and assist in the maintenance of financial documentation.


There have been some pretty famous receptionists within the world of film and television. They are people who have stuck with us and have been continually within our minds through the strength of their characters, portraying strong, single-minded workers who have made the viewing experience worthwhile through mannerisms, speeches and humour. As an outsourced reception outfit, we love these receptionists and we’d love to share some of our favourites with you.