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The financial aspects of setting up a new business can pose a number of challenges. From generating the capital to start the business, to the management of your finances in the future, it is important to have a clear understanding of business finance.

You need to consider bookkeeping, human resources (encompassing employee benefits and pensions), insurance and tax. You can seek advice from independent financial advisers, but there are also a number of online resources that can provide you with valuable information and guidance.

Take a look below at our top five UK financial advice blogs for SMEs.

Face for Business

When you are starting a new business, or looking to grow your existing company, the best advice you can get is from those who are either in, or have been in, your situation. You need relevant, timely and informative insight that you can use to develop your own business.

No matter the size of your business, your sector, or the length of time you have been operating, take a look at the top five UK blogs that are ideal for small businesses below.

How long on hold?

No one likes being left on-hold, most of time you have no idea how long you will have to wait and by the time you finally get through to someone you have lost the ability to speak. But what can make this already arduous task positively unbearable is terrible on-hold music.

There is no escape, not if you want to talk to someone.


What better time to think about setting up on your own, than now! Its Summer, the nights are lighter, there are more hours in a day, and advice is rife!

Advocates for entrepreneurs

Face for Business has been an advocate of entrepreneurs for a while now, and being a telephone answering service we are keen to let start-ups and sole traders know that we are here to help you! We all know that calls into your business can bring new clients and leads, and we don’t want you to miss any new clients! Therefore, we make it our business to know yours so we can represent you and your business when we handle your calls.