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When you think of call answering, you think of just that. A call is taken and a message is passed on.  In some cases, this is true, but at Face for Business we work with a wide range of companies, each with a specific set of requirements, that we not only aim to meet, but exceed.  From the moment your phone rings, our fully trained staff take over and do so much more than say ‘hello’.

Interim cover support during peak periods

There are times when all businesses need a little extra help and Face for Business ensure you are totally supported and your calls are taken care of, leaving you to get on with the job in hand. Whether your business is a large financial corporation or an independent funeral director (and many many more in between) we know how to answer your calls, and just as you like us to!  Whether you need lunchtime cover, help with staff sickness, additional support as permanent staff are recruited or you have a marketing campaign running that is generating an increase in enquiries, we can help. We also provide seamless and essential back up support to your reception and switchboards.


 Face for Business ecommerce call answering


First it took our calls, then it helped with our diaries and social lives so it was only a matter of time, and logic, before the mobile device took control of our shopping habits and wallets.  Recent findings from the Centre for Retail Research for VoucherCodes, revealed 71.5% of the British population now buy online and it is thought that UK shoppers will spend £67bn online in 2017, of which £27bn will be via mobile devices. Wow!  Bigger screens, faster networks, price comparison ease and the desire to buy what you want NOW, all play a part in a trend that will hopefully help your business, and profits, grow.  However, it doesn’t matter how slick your images are, how tight your copy reads or how targeted your mobile marketing and Google AdWords are, if you drive footfall to a website via a device but aren’t around to answer the resulting phones calls, it could all be in vain.


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Multiple sites, hundreds of staff and international customers are part and parcel of running a big business and there is huge pressure to get everything right. From great branding, a reliable post room and decent cup of coffee, it is often the attention to detail that can make a real difference to the way a business is run and the reputation it runs with.  At Face for Business we provide call answering services for all manner of businesses, big and small. We know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach isn’t realistic and we work with each and every client to find a bespoke solution that fits like a glove.


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 Are you enjoying freedom from your business calls yet?


Being busy is great, being stressed because you don’t know when you will get time to actually do your work as well as attend meetings, tender for new business and answer your phone, isn’t so great.  Don’t despair. Making small changes to the way you operate, such as using our phone answering service, could make a massive difference to the way you work.  A phone answering service might seem like a luxury, but if you stop and think about it, from just £42.00 per month, you can have a professional receptionist taking your calls and representing you as a growing business, with staff. Wow, ever thought of it that way?!