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If you’re reading this and are a growing Lancashire based business that needs a little extra support, you might be interested to know that Face for Business is closer to you than you might think.  We aren’t hidden away in a faceless industrial estate but instead are based in Burscough and are working with more and more regional businesses who come to us not only because we offer a first-class service, but because we are local.  By working with us you’ll not only be part of our local business community, you'll also become part of the Face for Business family and you can be sure that your PA will always have your best interests at heart - we think that this sets us apart from other telephone answering services in the UK - our PAs really do make it their business to know yours - which is huge in terms of building up trust when outsourcing business services. 



Lynne has been with Face for Business for several months now, and due to her background in telemarketing, marketing and working with a variety of business over the years her knowledge and expertise lends itself well to the types of clients she answers calls for.

Lynne says…

I have the pleasure of working with companies who provide training to their clients, both online courses and classroom based. I book people on courses, take payments, give advice on the different types of courses my clients run and generally assist people with their training needs as required.  Having past experience of organising training courses myself and working with many different B2B and B2C companies, I understand the value of giving the correct information and collecting the right information as well!  Working at Face for Business in their relaxed office surroundings ensures that I always give my clients the professional introduction to their businesses that their callers need.



 World Book Day 2018


World Book Day Was Made for Business!  Wearing fancy dress and posting photos of cute kids on Facebook have become synonymous with World Book Day (1st March), but there is so much more to this annual event than Cat in the Hat and Where’s Wally.  We have put together our top ten business book suggestions that we think hit the ‘World Book Day’ mark. Do let us know if you've come across any of the books below - we'd love to hear your thoughts!



Helen Office Manager Face for Business

Meet the Team - Helen - Office Manager

I’m the office manager here at Face for Business and have worked for the company for 4 years.  During this time we have grown five–fold in terms of staffing levels and I am extremely proud of the team that we have built. When we’re recruiting new team members we look for applicants who not only demonstrate an excellent understanding of what fantastic customer service looks like, but we are also extremely keen to ensure that they will fit into our team.