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What better time to think about setting up on your own, than now! Its Summer, the nights are lighter, there are more hours in a day, and advice is rife!

Advocates for entrepreneurs

Face for Business has been an advocate of entrepreneurs for a while now, and being a telephone answering service we are keen to let start-ups and sole traders know that we are here to help you! We all know that calls into your business can bring new clients and leads, and we don’t want you to miss any new clients! Therefore, we make it our business to know yours so we can represent you and your business when we handle your calls.


Knowing the difference between 03 and 08 numbers can be a minefield, so Face for Business (a UK business telephone answering service) would like to present the differences to you.

0845, 0844, 0871 and 0870 number rates vary between standard calls and 26-29 pence per minute, as per the prices set by your phone provider.  Some calls are included within your monthly call packages, and it can be unclear exactly which calls have been charged for and which are inclusive, unless you enquire.


Face for Business ISO 9001 Press Release 1


What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001: 2015 is a quality management standard that aids in business efficiency, improves company culture and increases customer satisfaction, thus ensuring a quality product alongside quality processes and procedures.

The quality management system focuses on service, product and customer satisfaction, ensuring a consistent level of quality, continual improvements, and corrective actions, whilst aiding the Company’s dedication to rendering a quality service to our Customers.

Ever wondered how callers feel after speaking to companies over the phone. In this digital era is there still room for the more traditional route of telephone services? We conducted a survey with 1500 respondents to discover how modern consumers feel about their experiences when calling companies and here’s what they had to say.