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Tablet computers, hands free gaming, hover boards and fingerprint recognition seemed way out there when Back to the Future hit our screens in 1985. As we sat watching in shell suits with cork screw perms, the idea of self-tying shoe laces and video calls seemed, well crazy, but fast forward two decades and we are more automated than ever.  If Marty McFly got things right in the film, many people are wondering what is next and whether robots belong to the future of business rather than real employees.  ATMs and self-scanners at the supermarket are just two obvious ways that technology has taken over traditional jobs. However, at Face for Business we simply don’t believe that everything can be done by robots and that for some roles, the human touch is needed.



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Does Brexit Bother You?



Are you worried about Brexit?


It’s been over a year since the UK public voted to leave the EU and what a year it has been.  As well as reaching a monumental crossroads for the country’s future, we have also seen an increase in terrorist attacks, a rise in inflation and an unexpected General Election that has led to the Conservatives joining forces with the DUP to secure power.  As a result of 24/7 news and social media posts, things feel a little out of control. It seems we have gone from an EU nation where we had the freedom to move and trade as we wished, to one that is in limbo, uncertain of where we go from here...

 7 Reasons to use a Telephone Answering Service

Business is booming, the order book is full and your social media feeds are buzzing, but if you can’t get to the phone to speak to customers, you could have a problem on your hands.  While you might not be in the position to employ a member of staff, using a telephone answering service is an efficient, cost effective solution to ensure when the phone rings, a human is there to take the call.  At Face for Business we work with a range of clients from small start-ups to established national companies and offer each one a bespoke service that meets their needs.  If you are wondering if call answering is for you, let’s have a look at what it offers. 



Are you a receptionist


Telephone Answering Service Support for Receptionists

The role of receptionists and PAs are ever changing and while your working life might be more interesting as projects become more diverse, the added responsibility can lead to higher stress levels. Even with staff to manage and deadlines to meet, the phone will always ring and will always need to be answered, but, is it you who needs to do that?  The secret to a more efficient reception for you could be our telephone answering service...