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Tablet computers, hands free gaming, hover boards and fingerprint recognition seemed way out there when Back to the Future hit our screens in 1985. As we sat watching in shell suits with cork screw perms, the idea of self-tying shoe laces and video calls seemed, well crazy, but fast forward two decades and we are more automated than ever.  If Marty McFly got things right in the film, many people are wondering what is next and whether robots belong to the future of business rather than real employees.  ATMs and self-scanners at the supermarket are just two obvious ways that technology has taken over traditional jobs. However, at Face for Business we simply don’t believe that everything can be done by robots and that for some roles, the human touch is needed.




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Face for Business have a vacancy for a FULL-TIME telephone answering PA/receptionist.

Based in Burscough, Lancashire.

Do you have an exceptional telephone manner?

Are you customer service focused and love helping people?

Can you stay calm under pressure and use your initiative?


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The owner of TBC Marketing works from a small office within a serviced building especially for small business owners. However, this building didn’t come with a telephone answering service, so after asking around in her business network, she discovered Face for Business and has not looked back since.

As she is a small business, her concern was keeping costs to a minimum but she wanted to look for a solution for call answering issues. She doesn’t like taking mobile phone calls when she is delivering training, or attending networking meetings or when she is with clients, as she doesn’t like to appear unprofessional and loves to give her clients her undivided attention.


This is the main question most businesses ask themselves when phone calls are becoming a distraction and a nuisance during your working day. But it doesn't have to be this way. When people in business consider using a telephone answering service, other questions can include; can I trust them? Who are they? How do I know they provide a good service? Face for Business try to answer these questions and assure you of many more answers in this article. However, if you have any further questions about using a telephone answering service, we'd be more than happy to have an informal conversation with you, at your convenience. 

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Telephone answering, phone answering, call handling and call answering are all terms used to describe the service we provide here at Face for Business.  Sounds good, but do you know what our offering really entails and how it could benefit you? Well, let’s start by saying it isn’t about a faceless call centre where phones are answered and messages emailed, end of. At Face for Business we are about so much more than that...