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Face for Business Shortlisted

Face For Business is one of fifteen start up enterprises invited to pitch to 'win a marketing agency for a year' as part of a competition between Start-up Britain and the Marketing Agencies Association.

Face for Business

Face for Business Testimonials

Face For Business is a fairly new start-up business, and we went ‘live’ in June 2013. Since then we have been steadily increasing our client base. Our client feedback is very important to us, as it enables us to monitor the effectiveness of our service, staff and products.

Feedback Functions

We actively encourage our clients to leave service feedback via our online client and PA portal. This is an area that our clients can access, to review their messages and calls, phonebook entries and also to listen to their calls. Additionally, there is an area where our clients leave feedback for their PA’s. Positive or negative, we want to hear what we are doing well and what areas we need to improve upon. Both types of feedback helps us with our in-house training and development of our PA’s.

Face for Business

IT Infrastructure Benefits

In the last decade home working has increased by 50% to a million, with 13% of the population working from home, as noted by The Office for National Statistics, and according to the London School of Business, the average person is interrupted every three minutes. The expansion of broadband and the ability to work remotely, means that in both cases company employees can log in to the IT infrastructure of the company they work for, and have access to files, as required. The introduction of 4G too, will help employees put forward a better case for working from home, as connections to the internet via mobile devices or tablets will be much more accessible.


Yes, if you work from home and would like to give the impression of working for a larger company.

Yes, if you want your home address to remain out of the public domain.

Yes, if you receive a lot of deliveries that need signing for and want to ensure that someone is able to take hold of these for you.