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Face For Business & Small Business Saturday

Face For Business has been profiled as one of 100 small businesses in the run up to the country’s first ever Small Business Saturday UK. The idea originated in America, and has been taking place on the first Saturday after thanksgiving, with the main message to ‘shop local’ and use independent businesses.

Face For Business signed up for this initiative a couple of months ago as we felt passionate about raising the profile of small businesses in the UK.

Face for Business


Social Media Comes of Age

It was recently reported in The Guardian that “in a decade there will be approximately 4 billion people using smartphones and taking them everywhere”. This news comes from the recent announcement of Twitter being valued at £19bn during its first day as a public company. The article goes on to say that ‘social media has come of age’ and that applications such as Twitter “have the potential to be the glue” on these devices.

Is the future of the office everywhere?

Face For Business was enthused to see an article in The Guardian recently relating to the ‘Future of the Office is Everywhere’. The workplace as we know it is changing, and we are no longer limited to working in an office and the restrictions this may bring. The new revolution of smartphones, combined with 4G, means that you can work and host meetings remotely, and be secure in the knowledge that 4G can bring a myriad of benefits from downloading files instantaneously to having virtual meetings via Skype or Face Time.  

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UK Outsourcing Strategy

Andy English, our General Manager at Face For Business, is really pleased with the recent acquisition of three customers in the last week, who have all decided to use Face For Business’ services, especially its dedicated UK PA strategy.   Andy commented that “these three customers have specifically come to Face For Business for our dedicated UK PA’s, and moving away from other call answering services which outsource call answering to other countries”. Andy further commented that he is “delighted that our UK strategy is being received well”.