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Do you want your small business to appear larger with more professionalism?

 Small Business Owner uses call handling service

With ambition and drive, Jesse runs a small but growing business and is a firm believer that first impressions count.  He contacted Face for Business several months ago when he no longer wanted clients to go through to voicemail when he was unable to take his calls. However, with his hard-earned reputation on the line, he wanted a PA who was a part of his team.  From the moment he met our call handing PAs and support staff, Jesse was impressed with the Face for Business approach and ethos, and today he is delighted with the service we are offering him and his company.  Jesse was paired with Sarah, whose background and work experience gave Jesse that additional confidence and he has now built up an excellent working relationship with her. 



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Does Brexit Bother You?



Are you worried about Brexit?


It’s been over a year since the UK public voted to leave the EU and what a year it has been.  As well as reaching a monumental crossroads for the country’s future, we have also seen an increase in terrorist attacks, a rise in inflation and an unexpected General Election that has led to the Conservatives joining forces with the DUP to secure power.  As a result of 24/7 news and social media posts, things feel a little out of control. It seems we have gone from an EU nation where we had the freedom to move and trade as we wished, to one that is in limbo, uncertain of where we go from here...


Face for Business Blogging is Big for Business


We know you probably have a ‘to do’ list that is growing day by day, so if we suggest adding blogging to the mix we wouldn’t blame you for sighing as you put pen to paper.  But, we ask you to stop and consider this.  Blogging might seem like an added extra to the marketing mix, but it is actually one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to boost your visibility, get your name out there and increase sales.  So why not put your call answering service on for ten minutes, grab a cup of coffee and find out how to blog like a pro for business and make it work for you.




Face for Business interview skills



You are looking to grow and exciting times lie ahead but while you might have a pile of fantastic CVs on your desk, getting it right when it comes to employing the best person for the job, can be a daunting task.  The interview stage might be tough for the candidate but as a business owner, and employer, there is huge responsibility on you to make the right decision, first time.   We have put together a five-point plan that we hope will help you be a boss when it comes to interviewing.