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Which Number Should You Choose?

As a small business or someone who’s thinking of starting a new company, are you baffled about the type of telephone number you should choose? Should you use a 0845 number? What about Freephone and the associated costs? Should you keep your number to a local prefix code if you want to attract business nationwide? So many questions. Let Face For Business give you the low down on prefix codes.

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Most businesses offer a free trial to prove that they can provide a first-class service to their customers.Face For Business offer a free trial as we are confident that once you have tried our service, you will be happy to stay on as a customer.

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Creative Kitchen Design – Burscough’s Friendly Fitters!

Creative Kitchen Design is a local company, and one that we are pleased to have as a customer. They are based in Burscough Village, as are we, and are just a stone’s throw away from our offices at Burscough Wharf. We are pleased to be able to offer a neighbour our service.

Customer service is the direct link between you and your customers. Your customer service staff act as the human face of your organisation, reflecting your ethos and standards.

West Lancashire Borough Council, like any UK council, needs a robust and efficient customer service team in order to deal with inbound calls, web queries, and face-to-face enquiries surrounding benefits, bill payments, housing and more.

We have looked at West Lancashire Borough Council's publicly available statement of accounts to get an idea of their annual spend on customer service staff over the last 5 years.