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 New Year Phone New telephone answering service with Face for Business


Happy New Year! Can we help you solve a problem?  Take time out in January and have someone else man your phones whilst you prepare your plan - you might also discover just how much your phone calls are distracting you!

The first few weeks of January is an exciting time as you get back to work, look at the year ahead and start planning, but it can be a period of overwhelm too.  While it’s encouraging to have meetings in the diary, social media posts to schedule and networking events to attend, all of these things can take you away from your real work and of course, your phone.  This is where a call answering service could help make life easier and your days more productive.  At Face for Business we work with a wide range of companies, big and small, who like their calls to be answered by a human who understands what they do, rather than sending them to voicemail.

So, how does our telephone answering service work?



Modello Events Team Building


Inspire and celebrate your business in 2018 with a professional events management company.

Mike Jones, from Modello Events Management talks to Face for Business about how using an events company can improve your business prospects and profile in more ways than one! So if you would like to plan an event but are not sure where to begin, or you would like to know the different types of options available to you, then become inspired by Modello's events and innovative approach to boardroom meetings.


 2018 business trends Face for Business

How has 2017 been for you?  Maybe you had record bookings, have seen an increase in sales or it could be that things have been uncertain and you will be glad to see the back of this year?  We have had a look at how things are looking for 2018 and hope they will help you to see a clear (or clearer) path for the future.



2017 Believe in Business


Here at Face for Business, as well as decorating the tree, having our Christmas party and answering client calls, this December we have been reflecting over the past year.  While there was a General Election, terrorist attacks and snow in December that stopped much of the UK in its tracks, what has struck us most is that people still have a passion for business and a belief in what they do.   While there is no getting away from the fact that Brexit is creating chaos and that Trumps’ tweets ring alarm bells, at the end of the day, in a very British way, the show must go on and no one can stop us!  To bring the year to a close, we put together our top five FFB blogs and noticed the common theme was how they all demonstrated a strong belief in business success and we hope they give you food for thought for next year.