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Cal Handling for Contractors with Face for Business

Louise answers calls for contractors


I have worked at Face for Business for over two years now, and I love coming into work as all the team are so nice and friendly. It’s also great working locally, and all the girls feel the same. There is a real sense of community at work, and we all contribute towards making our working environment great.  


I ensure that my clients don't miss any calls or new business enquiries

My role within Face for Business is Lead PA for a pool of PAs who look after all our contractor clients. Ranging from electricians and builders to alarm businesses and cleaning contractors - I ensure that they don’t miss any calls which ultimately could lead to loss of business. They know that their own clients will ring different companies to obtain best prices and quotes for work, so its imperative to them that their calls are answered, and not only this, it helps to know the industry.


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Brexit, the recent General Election, a rise in inflation and fall in the pound are all reasons to make us worry about our businesses and the future.  However, life goes on and if you do work for yourself, success is there for the taking but you have to go out and grab it with both hands. 

Arabella Gtx, Exeter Baby Activities, said, “For success to happen you need to turn up and be consistent. Structure your time and have fun”.

Samantha Bowen, Hip-Pose, added, ‘Be true to yourself, always try to understand the customer's point of view and if you set up business in something you love or are passionate about, you will work even harder for success!”

Sarah Anne Groom, Reflexology Devon, believes, “The sky is not the limit your mind is, so when you hit a glass ceiling.... smash it open.”

Bearing these words of wisdom in mind, rather than shutting up shop for fear of failure, it’s time to get out there and make things happen.

Independent Estate Agents often find it difficult to manage incoming calls during viewings and valuations. As many don’t employ a receptionist they often rely on phone calls diverted to their mobiles whilst visiting properties. This can be a reason for losing business of seeming unprofessional to potential clients. With Face for Business on board, estate agents know their calls are being answered professionally and the full details of potential clients have been captured.


 Face for Business Driving School Receptionists


I have worked for Face for Business for nearly three years now and I can honestly say that I love my job and love coming to work.  We have a great team that work as a team, which is really important to the role of a phone answering service PA.  I’m lead PA for clients from the driving school sector.  Whether they be an independent instructor or a driving school with many driving instructors on board, my role is to answer their calls.  As you can imagine, instructors are out on the road every day, sometimes from 8.00am in the morning right through to 8.00pm at night, so the chance of having time to answer their phone calls is quite slim.  That’s how I help! When my driving instructor clients are out on lessons with their pupils they simply pop their phone on divert and their calls all come to me.