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SME Insider recently published an article noting research that The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) had undertook. Criteria was assessed for the best areas of the countryside for business, including broadband and mobile phone coverage, planning applications and development and entrepreneurial opportunities and how they affect rural working. Henry Robinson (president of CLA) noted that connectivity is of utmost importance if a business is to be successful.

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Face for Business' Broadsheet Review

Face for Business has an active interest in any news and advice relating to small businesses and start-ups. As a fairly new start-up company ourselves – going live in June 2013 – we are still keen to keep abreast of developments in this area and seek out campaigns and initiatives to participate in.

The broadsheets that we refer to regularly are The Guardian and The Telegraph.  These broadsheets have an online business section or community which provides integral information and support for small businesses and people just starting out.

Need a bit of help and support during seasonal peaks in business?

Seasonal Support from Face for Business

Do you crave support at certain times of the year? Do you get snowed under with the amount of work you have to do leading up to, and during, the holiday period? Are you stressed out by the constant ringing of your phone, and wish you could get on with your work? 

Inbound calls not outbound cold calling

We all experience busy periods at work, but having a solution to manage them can sometimes be difficult to find.  Dependent on your line and type of business, the support you're looking for can come in many shapes and forms. However, most businesses have one similarity, they all rely on inbound phone calls to bring them new business, especially in this era of inbound marketing - cold calling just doesn't cut it any more.  Take a look at this article by Forbes writer, Steve Olenski. In the article he describes how cold calling has had its day, and goes on to give 3 great tips to maximise your inbound marketing strategy.

Speaking from experience, we're helpful, and we give our callers our full attention and equally we be attentive to them. Don't rush the sale.  If you nuture your relationship with your prospect and give them enough information to make an informed decision, you'll probably have a better chance of closing the sale.  They'll remember you and your warmth.  Most inbound callers have done their homework on your business, and are ready to buy from you.  It's at this point that they'll either be put off or will tune in to what you are confirming for them. 



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You’ve got a great business, your customers love you, your product and/or service is superb. But is growing your business in a cost and time effective way causing you more headaches than you can imagine? Or do you have peak times in your business that are proving difficult to manage? This is where business agility and outsourcing comes in.