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David Rutley, the MP for Macclesfield mentioned in a recent blog post that he would like to see first-time employers looking to recruit staff for the first time.  David goes on to say that people should take on the roles of entrepreneur and employer to create more opportunities in the job market, as they are more likely to recruit unemployed people.


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While people might think that the internet rules when it comes to communicating, our research at Face for Business revealed that 43% of people stated that the humble telephone was their preferred method of communication.  While websites are a fast, convenient way to find out information, compare prices and get reviews, the statistics show that being able to talk to a human being, in a timely fashion (i.e. not being put on hold), wins the confidence vote time and time again.  We understand only too well about the importance of inbound phones calls, due to the nature of our telephone answering service, so we've have had a look at why phone calls still matter in the digital age.

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While you can talk about how amazing you and your business are, as Bryony Thomas writes in Watertight Marketing, if you have no proof of these promises and claims, why should anyone believe you?  (See Leak #6 of her methodology).  Harsh but true.  Using testimonials might make you cringe, but the reality is they are a key part of the marketing mix and if you aren’t using them, you’re missing a powerful trick.  An authentic testimonial from a happy customer speaks volumes, and let’s face it a referral from a colleague or friend beats taking a risk on a cold sales pitch or random website.  Whether it’s comments, case studies or online reviews, at Face for Business we believe in the power of testimonials and have looked at how you can use nuggets of unbiased, impartial information to make your business stand out from the crowd.


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First it took our calls, then it helped with our diaries and social lives so it was only a matter of time, and logic, before the mobile device took control of our shopping habits and wallets.  Recent findings from the Centre for Retail Research for VoucherCodes, revealed 71.5% of the British population now buy online and it is thought that UK shoppers will spend £67bn online in 2017, of which £27bn will be via mobile devices. Wow!  Bigger screens, faster networks, price comparison ease and the desire to buy what you want NOW, all play a part in a trend that will hopefully help your business, and profits, grow.  However, it doesn’t matter how slick your images are, how tight your copy reads or how targeted your mobile marketing and Google AdWords are, if you drive footfall to a website via a device but aren’t around to answer the resulting phones calls, it could all be in vain.