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 End nuisance calls with Face for Business


Ever noticed recently how a number has flashed up on your phone that looked legitimate so you answered it only find it was a sales call?  Companies are working harder and smarter to catch people out in the hope of getting them to answer the phone so they can make a sale…..or worse.  Nuisance calls tend to fit into two categories:

• Real time marketing calls which are made by a human being who will be intent on getting you to talk and ultimately buy something or give away information.

• Automated marketing calls are pre-recorded messages that start to play when you answer the phone and can be just as annoying and problematic.

Both are generally unwanted, a waste of time and can cause you to feel stressed, pressurised and annoyed.  While it isn’t possible to get it right every time, when it comes to nuisance calls, it is worth noting that companies use a database and you can ask them to take you off the list as well as blocking the number yourself.


 Exceptional Customer Service Virtual Call Handling PAs


It was National Statistic Day on 20th October and was a timely reminder that when it comes to business, and pleasure for that matter, people count.  In a survey that Face for Business conducted we asked 1500 people how they felt about their experiences when calling companies - the results were quite interesting. 43% of 18 to 30 year olds prefer communicating via telephone, which is pretty high given the 24/7 digital age we are living in.  Almost half of those questioned said they spent ten minutes a week waiting for their calls to be picked up but at the same time 70% hang up after just three rings.  Wow.  That doesn’t give you long to get it right so we have looked at how to win people over so they feel looked after rather than being left out in the cold.


Helen Office Manager Face for Business

Meet the Team - Helen - Office Manager

I’m the office manager here at Face for Business and have worked for the company for 4 years.  During this time we have grown five–fold in terms of staffing levels and I am extremely proud of the team that we have built. When we’re recruiting new team members we look for applicants who not only demonstrate an excellent understanding of what fantastic customer service looks like, but we are also extremely keen to ensure that they will fit into our team. 


 Face for Business PA Diane Estate Agents Sector


Diane is a mum of two small, but very energetic boys, who certainly keep her busy and working at Face for Business gives her a chance to re-gain her sanity with a friendly team as well as enjoy a full HOT cup of tea in peace.  She likes to be organised due to her family routine and continues this in her work environment, understanding her client sector in detail and giving her best to her call handling roll capturing the correct information to pass on to her customers.