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The challenge

Beaumont and Co approached Face For Business in late 2018 having just lost their receptionist.

In considering their options, they had thought about whether the incoming calls could be covered ‘in house’ but client meetings and the sheer volume of calls during busy times made this unworkable.

They also considered outsourcing the role. Their worry here, was that the ‘personal touch’, on which they pride themselves, would be lost by using a call handling service.

Our approach

We were confident that we would be able to dispel any concerns that Beaumont and Co had about outsourcing their receptionist function. We allocated a lead PA who specialised in the financial sector, who spent time with Vicky from Beaumont and Co, so that she could gain an understanding of their business, and an agreement on how they wanted their calls to be handled. Once Vicky was satisfied that we knew their company, they agreed to a 7-day trial.

We love how easy it is to update our PA with our whereabouts via the app. Most impressed are the partners, who see a better, more consistent service for our customers.

The results

With regular communications throughout the trial, FFB were able to gain a full understanding of Beaumont and Co’s business and in turn, they were able to get the reassurance they needed that their own high standards of customer service were being maintained. They were also:

  • Using the FFB app to update their PA of their whereabouts and availability
  • Regularly reviewing their calls by using the call recording facility and sending feedback directly to the call handler
  • Safe in the knowledge that if the partners were engaged in meetings or on other calls that their overflow would be managed by our team

Beaumont now refer to FFB as a vital part of their business and their clients have regularly commented on their consistently good service.

What’s more they’re getting all this, extended opening hours and no headaches at much less cost than a full-time receptionist. You may say “an accountant’s dream”..!