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Actuation Valve

“Face For Business has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our call handling operations.”

We met up with Luke Parker, Commercial Director at Actuation Valve, a leading manufacturer of  valves, actuators and ancillary related products to find out how using Face For Business has improved the company’s capabilities to handle more calls and provide a better level of customer service.

What were the challenges you were having that made you reach out for support?

We reached out due to the challenges we were facing in managing our incoming calls effectively. Our previous call handling system was inadequate in handling the volume of calls we received resulting in missed opportunities, frustrated customers, and subpar customer experience.

We recognised the need for a reliable and scalable solution to ensure that all incoming calls were answered promptly and professionally, regardless of the time or volume.

How has Face For Business helped your business?

Face For Business has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our call handling operations. Their dedicated team of professional receptionists ensures that all incoming calls are answered promptly and handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

By outsourcing our call answering needs to Face For Business, we have experienced a reduction in missed calls, increased customer satisfaction, and enhanced productivity within our organisation.

What does your customer service look like with us on board?

With Face For Business on board, our customer service has undergone a transformational improvement. Our customers now receive a seamless and consistent experience whenever they contact us, thanks to the professionalism and expertise of Face For Business’ receptionists.

Whether it’s answering enquiries, scheduling appointments, or providing assistance, their team ensures that each interaction is handled with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy, reflecting positively on our brand.

What have been the main benefits of our service?

The main benefits of Face For Business’ service include:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced professionalism
  • Scalability

What would you say to other businesses thinking of using our services?

I would highly recommend Face For Business to any business looking to streamline their call handling operations and enhance their customer service capabilities. Their personalised approach, reliability, and professionalism set them apart in the industry, making them an invaluable partner for businesses seeking to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

With Face For Business, you can trust that your incoming calls will be handled with the highest level of care and efficiency, leaving a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Want to see the benefits of our telephone answering service for yourself?

If you like what you’ve read about the benefits of our telephone answering service for our existing customers, why not take advantage of a free trial and see if we can do the same for you?

Click here or fill out the “Request a Call” form on the right and a member of our team will be in touch to give you a price and talk about a trial.

07th June, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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