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The main benefit that Face For Business has provided us is it’s allowed us to grow without taking on more overheads or having to employ more staff internally.

Alasdair Croft, Managing Director, AMP EV

Why is reliable call answering so important for your business?

It’s got to be important because it’s part of your customer care and your customer service, when people call they want the calls handled quickly, they want to get to the right people quickly and Face For Business allows you to do that.

What made you reach out to Face For Business?

As we were growing we were finding that there were pressures in the administration of the business to take calls and also handling the calls and getting them to the right people quickly, so we needed support, we needed people to take the pressure away, we didn’t want people to be hanging on the phone too long and we just wanted a professional image of the business when people were calling into us.

Also, by the nature of our business people want to call and talk to us out-of-hours, so Face For Business were able to offer us that service so we could cover calls when people weren’t in the office.

When we first spoke to them we were delighted with the responses, it’s a really cost effective solution and we went ahead straight away.

How has Face For Business helped your business?


We’ve scaled the business up over the last four to five years and the volume of the calls that come through are increasing.

We’ve got quite a smart integrated phone system now with Face For Business which means their PAs can redirect callers straight through to our technical people, who don’t work from the same site as our main office.

It’s been a really pleasant experience having Face For Business on board.

What does your customer service look like with us on board?

Our customer service is fantastic.

A lot of customer frustration can be prevented just by handling calls as quickly as possible and having a friendly voice answering the call, so the customer experience has been excellent.

What have been the main benefits of our service?

The main benefit that Face For Business has provided us is it’s allowed us to grow without taking on more overheads or having to employ more staff internally.

By having Face For Business’ PAs in place, we’re able to offer support out-of-hours, they offer support for holiday cover and sickness cover so they’re the key benefits we’ve got with Face For Business.

What would you say to other businesses thinking of using our services?

I’d really promote Face For Business. If you’ve got a business that’s growing or you’ve got staff who aren’t in the office all the time then they can be that professional face or image of your business, and they will help you grow without having to endure some of the high costs of employing people.

29th April, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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