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Increasing lead capture for a busy accounting firm

Struggling to capture calls during the self-assessment period

Beaumont Accountants first came to Face For Business in July 2013 for support answering and managing their inbound calls.

Like most accountants, Beaumont’s Accountancy goes through peaks and troughs throughout the year.

At busier times – particularly during the self-assessment periods and the end of the year – they found they struggled to manage phone calls to the office due to an influx in call numbers from clients requesting meetings and guidance, and new clients enquiring about their first self-assessment return.

They found that the company struggled particularly to pick up new business during these busier times because they couldn’t keep on top of calls coming into the office.

Beaumont came to Face For Business for advice because they weren’t sure whether hiring a receptionist would be the most cost-effective way of managing calls throughout the year or if they would benefit more from a telephone answering service.

Understanding the challenge of accountancy call handling

The main challenge Beaumont faced was that the company only needed periodical telephone answering support during their busiest periods.

During the rest of the year, the accounting firm was able to stay on top of its calls for the most part, with occasional support needed.

This made hiring a full-time or part-time receptionist unfeasible from a cost perspective.

Our initial consultation with Beaumont focused on understanding how long their busiest periods lasted and what escalation in call numbers they dealt with.

We also worked with them to understand what kind of call management they would benefit from – whether this be a simple call answering or forwarding service, or a fully managed and outsourced switchboard.

The main challenge we wanted to overcome was making sure Beaumont no longer missed new business calls so they could capture more leads.

Creating a bespoke call management package

After reviewing Beaumont’s existing call management setup, it was clear the accounting firm needed a simple call answering and forwarding service to ensure calls weren’t missed, and accurate messages got to the right people quickly.

We set up a new management system that meant overflow calls were automatically diverted to a Face For Business PA, who could capture new clients and take messages from existing clients to be forwarded to the relevant person.

This allowed Beaumont’s team to continue offering a personalised service when they were free to answer a call while ensuring any other calls were forwarded to us to be answered by a human PA, rather than going to voicemail.

We worked closely with Beaumont’s team to understand what information they needed to be able to return a call properly, while also learning about their key services so we could answer some basic enquiries directly, giving their team more time to focus on existing and new clients.

Because accounting is a specialist industry and our PAs would be handling calls of a confidential or sensitive nature on a daily basis, we ensured we provide Beaumont with PAs with the relevant accounting experience to be sure they could handle the types of calls they’d be dealing with.

Being able to provide accounting specialist PAs was reassuring for Beaumont’s team that our PAs would be qualified to answer calls in a way the accounting firm would do if they were answering calls in-house.

Plus, by employing Face For Business PAs, Beaumont had access to out-of-hours call answering capacity if they needed it so they could continue to answer client calls and capture new leads outside their usual 9-5 opening hours.

The benefits of using Face for Business for Beaumont’s Accountancy are:

  • The option to divert calls during seasonal highs and lows.
  • Cost savings – Beaumont’s Accountancy relies on our back-up when they need to outsource their calls during the busier periods.
  • Calls are recorded, and can be listened to, to gain any further details required.
  • Employee costs are reduced, as Beaumont’s Accountancy does not need another member of staff, but does require additional support periodically.

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Proving our worth as a full-time receptionist alternative (what the client said)

“We approached Face for Business as after we lost our receptionist, we were slightly hesitant before making the move to outsource the calls, and we worried that our customers would not get the personable approach from a business call handling service.

“Following the initial meeting, Face for Business set up our account and started answering the calls, and soon enough our lead PA, and colleagues have become a vital part of our business answering our calls, transferring people through or taking messages where required, all done in a friendly yet professional manner.

“We love how easy it is to update our PA with our whereabouts either via the portal or a call and now we have no lunchtime or annual leave cover to manage. Most impressed are the partners who see a better consistent service for our customers with a considerable saving to our costs. We recommend Face for business to our clients regularly.”

Use a 7-day free trial to see how our call answering service will benefit you

If you want to experience the same benefits as Beaumont Accounting, then take advantage of our 7-day free trial.

We’ll onboard you just as we would any client and give you access to your own client portal where you can manage your call answering and find your messages and call recording.

Over the 7 days, our PAs will demonstrate the value of having a professional call answering service.

If you decide it’s not for you, we can simply stop after the free trial and go our separate ways – no hard feelings.

Sign up for a 7-day free trial of our telephone answering service

21st October, 2022

Posted by Face For Business

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