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Face For Business is very approachable and easy to work with.

We spoke with Dr Heather Ryan and Dr John Cosgrove about how Face For Business has helped their local private practice retain a professional image and continue to help patients while keeping the practice a calm place.

Why is reliable call answering so important for your business?

Heather: “Reliable call handling is really important for us. Although we do have a website and we do advertise on social media and some of our younger clients particularly like to book online some people, particularly older people like being able to phone up and like being able to book by phone.

“They like being able to phone up and ask queries before they commit to booking so it’s really important for us to have a call handling service we can trust who are friendly and approachable for customers.”

John: “I was very keen at the outset when I was setting up this practice that I wanted to practice itself to be peaceful and calm, a place where we could focus on looking after patients.

“I’m sure we’ve all been in healthcare settings where the phones are ringing and there’s lots of chaos and I really wanted to not have that so we don’t have any phones here at all so right from the offset I wanted an offsite call answering solution and Face For Business have provided that admirably for us.”

What have been the benefits of using Face For Business?

Heather – “It’s just much easier. It’s much easier to have a call answering service involved. We still do get enquiries via the web or by email but lots of patients prefer to phone up, and it just saves us an awful lot of time and means we get on with seeing patients rather than dealing with calls.

“Face For Business is very approachable and easy to work with.

“We did previously use a different service and we found them quite rigid and inflexible with their pricing. They charged us for spam calls and so forth, Face For Business’ pricing structure is much easier to work with.”

John – “It has provided the service that we needed. I was clear from the outset that we didn’t want the phone ringing in the practice.

“Many of our patients are able to get all of the information they need on our website and are able to book on our website or email us directly and that’s great. But there are plenty of patients who are less comfortable doing it that way or for whatever reason just want to pick up the phone and speak to a human.

“We’ve had lots of positive feedback from people about how friendly the call handlers were and it’s provided that great human first point of contact.”

How has Face For Business helped your business?

Heather – “It’s been brilliant. Face For Business has been really helpful. Lots of our patients prefer to book via phone rather than online and we’ve found Face For Business to be very friendly, caring and professional.”

John – “It’s just been great for us not to have to worry about answering the phone and we can look after patients once they get into the practice, we can look after patient care being confident we’re not going to be missing calls, missing business and that our patients are able to get through and contact us.”

What would you say to other businesses thinking of using Face For Business?

Heather: “Absolutely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Face For Business. Absolute pleasure to work with, competitive pricing and we’ve got no complaints.”

John: “No hesitation in recommending Face For Business, they’ve been fantastic for us, it’s exactly what we needed and they’re always very responsive whenever we’ve needed to adjust the way that things work we’ve been able to contact the team at Face For Business.”

Could our call handling service help your business?

If you like what you’ve read about the benefits of our telephone answering service for our existing customers, why not take advantage of a free trial and see if we can do the same for you?

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20th May, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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