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Happy Dog Haven

Happy Dog Haven

As part of the Responsible Dog Rescue, the Happy Dog Haven is reliant on commercial boarding customers in order to fund much of its rescue operations.

We spoke to owner Rachael O’Regan about how Face For Business’ telephone answering service had helped to improve the business’ call answering while helping to engage with more customers.

What challenges were you having that made you reach out to Face For Business?

We spoke to Face For Business about providing an overflow call service, because of the fact that volunteers wouldn’t always come in to work and we were getting a lot of people saying we can’t contact you or we can’t get through, we were missing bookings and it’s essential for us to be able to have commercial boarders to be able to help some of the rescue side of the operation.

How has Face For Business helped your business?

Face For Business has helped us immensely since they got involved it means for me now that it doesn’t matter if volunteers come in to answer the phones or not because someone else is always going to be doing it, and that means that we don’t lose bookings and also means that our reputation remains intact.


What have been the main benefits of our service?

We’ve seen an increase in bookings, we’ve seen an increase in customer satisfaction, before, we actually had customers driving a number of miles to come in in person because they weren’t able to get through on the phone, so it’s made a huge difference to both the lives of our customers and the reputation of our business.

We found that Face For Business were really friendly, really helpful, they understood our business quite quickly

They were very enthusiastic to understand our business and our needs, they had to operate a booking system for us, which is really useful and they’re very consistent in the way they do that, whether it’s first thing Monday morning or in the middle of Sunday afternoons.

The experience I have with the PAs and the level of service I receive from Face For Business is one and the same, it’s consistent, it’s very professional and they’re really helpful.

If there’s anything that they really need to get across to me and maybe I haven’t responded to the email they’ve sent, they’ll ring me and that’s really helpful because in urgent situations you need that sometimes.

What would you say to other businesses thinking of using Face For Business for their telephone answering?

I would say to other businesses that are thinking of using Face For Business that they should definitely consider it.

Even if they think it’s something they wouldn’t normally need as a business.

For us it’s made a huge difference in terms of our ability to engage with our customers and the bookings have increased.

It’s been really helpful and I don’t know how we’d do without them now.

Want the same for your business?

If you think a telephone answering service could help your business by taking the worry of missed calls and lost opportunities away while giving you and your team more time to focus on your customers and core responsibilities, get in touch with us today.

You can even start for free by taking advantage of our free trial

17th April, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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