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Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
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Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

When Liverpool Chamber of Commerce came to us they needed help with their call answering and forwarding to ensure calls were being answered and transferred to the right person first time.

As a small but busy organisation representing thousands of business, it was vital Liverpool Chamber was able to answer calls when needed while allowing staff to stay productive and focus on their core roles.

A few months into using Face For Business’ call answering services, we sat down with Liverpool Chamber CEO Paul Cherpeau to discuss the benefits we’d delivered.



Face For Business has served a fantastic purpose for us, channelling and funnelling some of our incoming calls.

We often got some responses from customers saying they’d had difficulty getting through to staff, and unfortunately it’s just the nature of a small, busy organisation.

Face For Business have massively solved that challenge by filtering calls, taking messages and informing the relevant staff member quickly.

The impact that the service has had on our productivity and our employees’ performance has been substantial, which has added to our profitability and our productivity.


Want the same results for your business?

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We’ll happily run through the challenges you’re currently having and advice on the best level of service that we can offer.

You can also use our call answering completely free for 7-days by signing up to a free trial.

04th January, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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