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North West Linux

North West Linux

I can divert my calls when I’m in the workshop repairing computers and especially when I am on site installing data cables, and undertaking intricate switch work.

The Challenge

North West Linux first approached Face For Business back in 2015. They had found that they were increasingly engaged on the phone, often on lengthy calls troubleshooting client issues remotely and were keen to ensure that their service levels were maintained. The owner had considered a number of solutions and decided that a telephone answering service was the way to go.

The results

They completed a free 7-day trial of the service and were delighted with the results. They now have:

  • A lead PA who is familiar with their business and who sends informative messages so that they can prepare when returning the client’s call
  • All of their calls answered, resulting in an increase in customer satisfaction
  • Any new enquiries captured, preventing the caller from going elsewhere

We’re still working with North West Linux and have become an integral part of their business, with many of their clients on first name terms with our PAs. They haven’t had to employ any additional staff – we offer a cost-effective solution with none of the headaches.

The result

“It was clear from the data that nine out of the 10 calls FFB dealt with for us would have been missed, so it’s great knowing we’ve got that security behind us and calls will be answered even when we’re out of the studio.

“With remote working also we’ve managed to bring home studios in for all of our presenters, so to have that permanent solution in place with our phone system that we know calls are going to be answered whether we’ve got someone in the studio or not is great.

“Plus, because we get a lot of calls between 6-9pm from members of the public, it’s meant we’ve been able to extend that call answering period where we can have presenters in their home studios or out and we know the studio phone is manned.

“On the money side too, it’s costing us about £60 to £70 a month for the call answering, but if we had to employ someone to answer the phones it would be a lot more than that.”

Want to start seeing the same benefits for your business?

21st January, 2023

Posted by Face For Business

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