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TBC Marketing

TBC Marketing

“I never worry if I’m out of the office – either at a meeting with a client or delivering training as I know all my calls will be answered.”

TBC Marketing

The Client

The owner of TBC Marketing works from a small office within a serviced building especially for small business owners. However, this building didn’t come with a telephone answering service, so after asking around in her business network, she discovered Face for Business and has not looked back since.

As she is a small business, her concern was keeping costs to a minimum but she wanted to look for a solution for call answering issues. She doesn’t like taking mobile phone calls when she is delivering training, or attending networking meetings or when she is with clients, as she doesn’t like to appear unprofessional and loves to give her clients her undivided attention.

The Solution

The benefits of using Face for Business for TBC Marketing are:

  • Calls are answered whilst she is in client meetings or networking events – no more worry about callers not leaving messages on her voicemails
  • Costs are saved – no need to employ a receptionist/assistant
  • We can take her calls whilst she concentrates on her marketing strategies or is delivering training
  • No more worry about missed calls and missed business leads and opportunities
  • No more stress about looking unprofessional – she now gives her clients the best customer service she can

Also, as with most independent companies, the costs of a call answering service are a fraction of the cost of employing a receptionist.

Client Testimonial

The feedback I get from my clients about Face for Business is brilliant. Unless I tell them, they don’t even know I’m using a telephone answering service. In fact, they make a point of telling me ‘the person in the office who took my call was lovely, who it is?

The team that take my calls are always friendly and upbeat and the messages are always passed on straight away. I never worry if I’m out of the office – either at a meeting with a client or delivering training as I know all my calls will be answered.

It saves me so much time as I get my messages as they come in rather than having to trawl through the messages on my answer machine as I did before. I’ve even won contracts thanks to Face for Business!

Many of my perspective clients wouldn’t have left a message (I’ve asked them) and would have gone on to find another marketing company instead. How great is that!

09th November, 2023

Posted by Face For Business

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