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“I can 100% say that my client calls are well handled by Face for Business.”

The Client

Jesse runs a small but growing business and is a firm believer that first impressions count for customers. Unfortunately, as a small business, Jesse didn’t have the time to answer every incoming call and was increasingly finding customers going to voicemail when he wasn’t available.

The Challenge

As an ambitious and driven business owner, Jesse understood the important role customer service played in the success of his business.

But with a hard-earned reputation, he was hesitant to outsource his call management to a third party and wanted a PA who was a part of his team and could provide the professional, personal service he’d built his business on.

Our approach to Jesse’s call management

When we first met with Jesse it was clear he had big ideas and plans for growing his business, but working alone was becoming a barrier, which he worried would go against him when looking for new clients.

Perception was a big thing for Jesse’s business and he wanted to give the impression of a well-established business.

The solution was simple. We helped Jesse set up multiple lines for his company number and assigned a dedicated PA who could handle any calls Jesse was unable to take.

When a customer or potential client called, they were met with a professional receptionist who could either take a number for Jesse to return, or transfer the caller through.

Having this professional layer of customer service created the persona of an established, big company while Jesse could focus on the service delivery side of his business and concentrate on growth.

Another thing Jesse pressed on us was that he wanted a PA who understood the ethos of his business and had experience dealing with the kinds of calls his business takes on a daily basis.

Jesse was paired with Sarah, whose background and work experience gave Jesse that additional confidence and he has now built up an excellent working relationship with her.

Call monitoring – our open and honest approach

A key part of our service that made us stand out to Jesse is that we provide the full recording of every call we manage that’s delivered to his client portal, to be listened to whenever he likes.

This isn’t offered by all call answering companies but as someone who was hesitant about whether a third party could provide the same personalised service he prided himself on, this call recording was a vital addition that made us stand out.

With access to every call Jesse was more confident in our service because he knew he could review how we managed his calls and could make changes quickly so we always provided the level of service he wanted.

This part of our service is something we pride ourselves on because it ensures our call management is transparent and ensures we can be held accountable by our customers.

The results of call management for Jesse’s business

Jesse knew he’d made the right choice when he called his number one night and questioned his PA about the late hour. She didn’t get flustered but instead told him she was new to the team and catching up with admin. He was impressed with her confident, professional response, which was spot-on and exactly what he was looking for.

Since bringing Face For Business on for his call management, Jesse has more time to focus on growing his business without worrying that calls are going to voicemail.

What Jesse says about our call management

“It is very important for me to be able to listen to how my calls are answered and dealt with and this was a huge selling point for me. I like to be able to assess the quality of the answers from my PA and I can 100% say that my client calls are well handled by Face for Business.

“I am happy to talk to anybody that is interested in using Face For Business as a phone answering service for their business. Please get in touch with them, and they will forward your details to me.”

09th November, 2023

Posted by Face For Business

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