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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of packages do you offer?

Face For Business offers a broad range of packages to suit our customers’ needs. We can either answer some of your calls, or all of your calls. Face For Business provides both ‘messages only’ packages, or we can also transfer calls to you or your colleagues. We even have packages whereby we can share your company information or capture diary bookings. Get in touch to understand more.

Is there a set up charge?

No, here at FFB we believe in being fully transparent with our pricing, which is why there is no setup fee. Please call us on 0333 323 1007 to find out more about our pricing packages.

How can we assess if your service is right for our business?

By taking advantage of our FREE 7-day free trial with no obligation, you will be able to understand how our service works and determine the most appropriate package for your business.



Can I alter my monthly package at any time?

Of course, you can change to a different FFB package to accommodate the busy or quiet times of the year. All you need to do is inform FFB prior to us sending out your next invoice and we will happily make this change for you.

What are the hours of cover?

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 8.00pm, Saturday 9.00am to 5.30pm.

What happens after hours?

For out of hours we have a range of options available. We can set up a personalised voicemail facility to capture all of your messages and email the recorded message in a WAV file. We can also divert emergency calls back to your mobile when we’re not open, or simply provide a greeting, explaining when you are closed and reopening.

What is the contract period

At FFB, we understand our clients do not want to be tied to long term contracts, which is why we only offer a 60 day contract period after the trial.

How much do you charge to transfer to a landline?

At FFB we do not charge our clients for transferring calls to a UK landline. This will enable you to take full advantage of our services at no extra cost.

How much do you charge to transfer to a mobile?

With FFB, to divert a call to a UK mobile only costs 10 pence per minute. Also, at FFB we offer per second billing, which is ideal for keeping your costs to a minimum.

How much do you charge to send an SMS?

FFB will deliver SMS messages free of charge, which is part of our commitment to be fully transparent with pricing.

How does FFB know who the call is for?

We will give you a ’divert’ number that is unique to your business. Any calls received on that line will present on our screen and the call will be answered in your company name.

How do I divert my calls to Face For Business?

To divert your calls to FFB you will use either the standard features from your telephone provider or through your phone system. We will be happy to assist you in this process.

Can I divert calls from different locations to my FFB Number?

Yes, you can divert as many locations as you like to the same FFB number.

Does diverting our calls to FFB mean we can’t answer any of them?

As you are in complete control of your divert facility it is entirely up to you. This functionality gives you the flexibility to choose whether to divert either your engaged or unanswered calls to FFB, or you may prefer to divert all calls to FFB.

How can I ensure that all call details are captured?

For your own peace of mind every call that FFB answers on your behalf is recorded and you can listen to your calls at any time and from anywhere, via your online portal. This will also allow you to track the quality of our call handling and give regular feedback.

How do I keep my dedicated PA informed of my availability?

You can update your dedicated PA by logging on to the FFB portal or app and updating your schedule status. This will enable your PA to track your whereabouts throughout the day. Alternatively, you can call the office and speak to your PA, or her team, to confirm your whereabouts.

What happens if our personal PA is busy when our callers ring in?

Your call is passed to a pool of PAs, who will have complete access to all of your information prior to answering the call, ensuring a seamless service for your callers.

Can FFB send messages to more than one person

Yes, we can forward your messages via email or SMS to multiple users in your business.


What happens if there is a fault with your call management lines?

At FFB we have 2 business sites that are linked together for resilience purposes. In the event of any downtime, we can re-route your call traffic from one side to another in order to maintain service levels.

When and how I invoiced?

You will be invoiced monthly by FFB and have a choice between direct debit or credit card, giving you the flexibility to choose the best method for your business.

Can I change my monthly package to accommodate buy/quiet times of the year?

Yes, you can change to a different FFB package. All you need to do is inform FFB prior to the sending out of your next invoice and we will happily make this change for you.

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