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A Healthcare Answering Service for Busy Medical Practices

GP practices and other clinics offering private and NHS healthcare services are incredibly busy places, with the phone often ringing non-stop, all day long. This means it can be a challenge for receptionists to work on other tasks, creating other administrative delays. This is where a medical answering service comes in.

Our reliable healthcare answering service provides back-up to your in-house call handling capabilities, picking up calls during busy periods or out of hours. When a missed call can be distressing for a patient, extra support from a dedicated answering service for doctors offices is invaluable.

Benefits of Using a Healthcare Answering Service

Better call management

Juggling calls from multiple phones and reducing call queue times for patients can be a real challenge in a healthcare environment. Our medical answering service helps you provide a better service, helping you manage a high volume of incoming calls during busy periods.

Improved service

Deliver a better service to patients with a medical call answering service that will pick up calls in busy periods, helping you stay on top of patient communication and deliver a gold standard service.

Appointment booking support

Our healthcare answering service virtual receptionists can book appointments online for patients when your receptionists are unavailable, helping to keep your practice running smoothly.

Out of hours call answering

Extend your practice opening hours with our medical after hours answering service. Our team will pick up calls or monitor your live chat function outside of your practice hours, further improving the service you offer.

A Comprehensive Medical Answering Service

Telephone Answering Service

Telephone Answering Service

Professional inbound call management that can answer and transfer calls to anyone.

Outsourced Switchboard

Outsourced Switchboard

Outsource your switchboard management to provide a first-class service to all callers at busy times.

Managed Live Chat

Managed Live Chat

Answer customer queries online and turn your website into a lead-generation machine.


Test Our Medical Answering Service

Test out our medical call answering service before committing with a 7-day free, no-obligation trial. Experience all the benefits of using a healthcare answering service without the commitment.

As part of your free trial, we’ll set you up on our system, just like we would any client. And when you’ve decided you’d like to use the service full-time, we’ll move you to a contract. Start your 7-day free trial today!

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Our Clients

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Face For Business support and suit our ever changing needs alongside providing help!

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Every step of the process was fully explained, with regular updates.

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I recommend them to everyone and I’m always full of praise for the service.

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A very slick operation, would highly recommend

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Nothing is too much trouble and they're always on hand to answer any queries.

Improve Your Customer Service

Your UK-based team of healthcare receptionists offer a cost-effective medical call answering service. They’ll make sure you never miss a new appointment booking and are always available to answer questions or provide information to existing patients over the phone.

UK receptionists with industry experience

All of our healthcare answering service receptionists have years of industry experience and can handle calls discreetly and professionally.

Scalable call answering whenever you need it

Only pay for the call answering you need with packages priced to the penny that can be easily scaled and adapted to your requirements.

Focus on your patients

Give your team the time to focus on providing the best care to patients and to work on their core jobs while our remote medical answering service handles your calls.

Extend your opening hours

Book more appointments and answer more questions even after you’ve closed for the day with our medical after hours answering service.


Only Pay For What You Use

Unlike other healthcare answering services, we don’t round your monthly bill up. Instead, we price your call answering to the penny, so you’re only paying for what you use. We also optimise your billing every month so you avoid unnecessary charges for going over your call allowance during busier periods.

Calls And Recordings Delivered Immediately To Your App

We’re the only medical office answering service that gives you immediate access to your full recordings, directly to your customer portal.

This allows you to listen to all your messages in full, so you know we’re handling every call exactly as you’d expect from a premium healthcare answering service.

Featured Case Study
The Lip Doctor

We’ve been answering The Lip Doctor’s overflow calls for several years now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a healthcare answering service cost?

All our prices are adapted to your specific needs, and we work with you monthly to make sure you’re on the right tariff to avoid excess charges. Our popular health and care answering service starts at £200 a month (many of our clients fit into this bracket).

You could try us free for 7-days to get a better understanding of how much answering support you’ll need.

Where is your medical answering service team based?

Our healthcare answering service team are all based in the UK, so they’re working in the same time zone as you, ready to answer calls during your practice hours, and via our medical after hours answering service during evenings and at weekends too.

Do I need to sign up to a long-term contract?

No. All our healthcare answering services are designed to be flexible, so you’re not tied into a long-term contract. If you want to change your monthly plan or cancel, just let us know before the date of your next bill, and we’ll be able to sort everything for you.

What kind of medical answering service support do you offer?

We can handle as much or as little of your health and care call answering as you need. You can use us as a fully outsourced switchboard, answering every inbound call, or just use us to handle overflow calls during busy periods.

Do you provide a medical after hours answering service?

Yes, we do. Using our healthcare answering service team allows you to effectively extend your practice opening hours, handling calls during the below times. With our after hours answering services for medical offices, hospital departments and GP practices, calls will be answered during your opening hours and out of hours from:

  • 8am-8pm Monday to Friday
  • 9am-5:30pm Saturday
  • 10am-4pm Sunday

How do I know you can provide the right support for my practice?

Our healthcare answering service receptionists all have years of experience specifically working for healthcare practices, so they know how to handle the types of calls they’ll be dealing with. As part of your medical call answering service, our team will also spend time getting to know your practice and the way you expect calls to be handled.

How soon can I start using your medical answering service?

Straight away! Register for your 7-day free trial to see if our healthcare answering service works for you. Our team are ready to get started whenever you need us, whether you need extra support during a staff shortage, emergency cover, or are simply ready to transform the way your practice operates.

Can you help with appointment bookings?

Yes. As part of our medical answering service, we can help with online appointment bookings, as well as responding to queries about your services and opening times to ensure your customers are able to use your services as easily as possible.

Can you help me take payments?

Yes. Our healthcare answering service integrates with Stripe, so we can take payments over the phone to save you and your customers time and effort.

Are my calls recorded?

Yes, all calls that we answer as part of our medical office answering service are recorded, should you need to listen back to them in future. We’re the only healthcare answering service that gives you immediate access to your call recordings, and you can listen back to them 24/7.

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