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Turn Website Views into
New Customers!

If you use Google to drive leads to your website,
but there’s no one there to actually engage with them,
they’re 43% likely to go to another website.
Outsource your live chat to us and we’ll capture these leads for you.

Give a great first friendly impression!

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Advantages of Live Chat

  • Faster Responses for The Digitally Minded Generation
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Increased Customer Loyalty, Sales and Ongoing Revenue
  • Reduces Expenses
  • Customer Convenience
Satisfaction Rate

Satisfaction Rate

Live Chat has the highest consumer satisfaction rate, at 92%
Prefer Live Chat

Prefer Live Chat

79% of consumers prefer Live Chat as it offers instant responses
Would have stayed

Would have stayed

43% of consumers would have left a website if Live Chat wasn’t available
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How We Can Help


We Talk

You tell us about your business, frequently asked questions etc and most importantly what is an ideal outcome from a live chat

We set you up

Liaise with your website host and get our software on your website – Don’t worry, it’s really simple. Your website host can add the code to your website and we do the rest!

Initial Setup
Meet Your PA

We start chatting to your customers

You can sit back and relax, knowing that your chats are being handled by our expert team

Your Business Grows

Live Chat is proven to capture more leads from visitors to your website

Divert Your Calls

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the service work? +

    As soon as a visitor starts a chat on your website, our expert PAs are available to handle these in a professional, friendly manner with a fast response time. Once the chat is complete, you will receive a copy of the chat transcript, along with contact details for your visitor. 
  • Can my chat window be customised +

    Yes, we ensure that your chat window design fits perfectly with your website. You can request for any changes to be made at any time!
  • How does the pricing work? +

    We don’t do hidden set-up fees or admin charges. Our pricing is flexible and includes bundles of chats so you’re only paying for what you need and with our free trial you will get a good idea of your pricing before you commit.
  • Can I have proactive chats? +

    Absolutely! We can set this up for you to maximise the value of your Live Chat facility. This can be customised to your liking, and turned on or off at your request.
  • How do you get to know my business? +

    The more we know about your business the better we can handle your chats! Your Live Chat team leader will set up the chat template having discussed your company requirements and taken down all your FAQs and likely scenarios. You can also update us with further info as your business changes or grows, to enable us to deal with your enquiries smoothly and professionally.
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How We Help Businesses


  • "We are finding that we’re capturing more clients this way, and the chats are handled excellently."
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