The people who make the
real difference

What makes us so different to your usual medical answering service? Our people.
Our resourceful PAs truly care about clients like you, always striving to be at their best, so that your business can be at its best too. Because when it comes to health and wellbeing, our PAs really do go the extra mile.

Specialist training

With training specific to the medical and healthcare sector, our PAs have all the knowledge they need to get started.

Flexible and adaptable

We’ll fit around your schedule, always. No matter when or how you need support, we’ll be there to rise to the challenge.

The best attitude

At their core, our PAs are all about positivity and professionalism, equipped with brilliant attitudes that help drive success
across the board.
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Trained and experienced in the healthcare industry

All of our PAs receive training relating to the medical and healthcare sectors, meaning they’ll come equipped with the key knowledge and skills required. They understand the importance of efficiency in this industry, so are ready to act quickly and professionally in the case of an emergency. They’re also trained to be empathetic and caring with every call, specifically those of a more sensitive nature.

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A key part of your team

Our service is set up in a way that your PA will slot seamlessly into your environment, as if they were a part of your own team. They’ll have complete knowledge of your practice or clinic and the way it operates, including your treatments, prices and services. They’ll know your schedule too, so won’t be disruptive to any appointments you may have.

Whether it’s capturing important contact information, arranging appointments or making sure calls reach the right people, they’re able to do everything that an in-house receptionist would do.

‘The team provide an amazing service and have become an integral part of our business.’

Dr S Rana – Forest Dental
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Professional. Reliable. Real.

We believe that nothing beats a real friendly and professional individual on the end of the phone, that human and personal touch. They have your business interests at heart and an absolute joy to speak to. Our PAs are renowned for their extraordinary customer service, committed to helping both you and your clients in any way they can, always doing their best to put smiles on faces. Whatever you need taking care of, you can count on them.

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