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Specially trained PAs

Get help from a call handler with industry experience and expertise in the legal sector.
Call Answering Service

Capture leads

Don’t lose leads from missed calls. Your virtual PA can help you capture lead details and turn them into customers.
Call Answering Service

Personal touch

Put real people behind your legal firm’s call answering to help build trust and rapport with current and future clients.

FFB is the only telephone answering service company that records all calls received in an online portal for us to at our convenience.

D Defara – The Legal Stop 

Featured case study

The Legal stop came to us back in 2016 having completed trials with a number of call handling companies. They hadn’t been happy with the standard of the service they had received and so approached Face For Business.

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Designed for legal companies

Legal practices take many calls throughout the day and some of those calls may be of a complex, sensitive or contentious nature. Many firms now record their calls which gives them the peace of mind that in the event of a dispute or if clarification is required on any aspect of a call, they have the information that they need.

How the service works for you

Legal firms spend their day dealing with complex, sensitive and contentious issues. When the call rings you want to make sure it’s answered professionally by a real person who can put your prospective customers at ease and demonstrate you’re there for them.

A virtual receptionist can offer you a reliable and consistent call answering service for your legal firm. They’ll deal with calls when you’re busy with clients, ensuring information is passed to the right people or enquiries dealt with in an efficient friendly way.

And because you’re often dealing with sensitive information, you can be assured your virtual PA understands the importance of discretion and will uphold the kind of professional behaviour you expect from a law firm employee.

what do you need to know about hiring a virtual receptionist

Tailored service

At Face For Business we record all of our calls, not only for the benefits as described above, but also because we want our clients to review our calls and give us feedback.

Also, we have learned that a message only service can often be insufficient for a legal firm, so we can offer a transfer facility or set up an online form which enables our PAs to capture specific information from the callers. When our client returns the call, they have all the information to hand and the fact that there is a call recording to back this up is invaluable.

Legal Service Phone Answering Service

Transparent services

We record every call we handle for you, not only so you get all the information you need, but also so you can review how your virtual assistant is handling your firm’s calls. If you’re ever not happy with the service, tell us and we can make it right.

Plus, because we know legal firms often need more support than a simple messaging service, we can deliver a full call management and transfer facility.

We can even help set up online forms that formalise and standardise the information we collect so you’re always getting the details you need, when you need them.

Why us for your legal firm’s call answering?

24/7 Telephone Answering Service

Expert partner

We have call handlers with years of legal industry experience so we know the level of service you need
24/7 Telephone Answering Service

All communication covered

Whether you need help with call handling or need messaging or live chat support, we’ve got you covered
24/7 Telephone Answering Service


We’ve built a reputation for our dedicated service and satisfied customers and it’s a reputation we aim to continue

Highly recommended

  • Imogen Harris ★★★★★ in the last week
    Face for Business have been a great asset for our small business. They took over handling our incoming calls in the middle of June and it has been a huge sense of relief knowing that no calls are being missed. Messages are sent over promptly … More and the phones are covered for more hours than we'd be able to staff. The scripts are customisable and all my interactions with their staff have been lovely. Highly recommend to anybody looking for a phone answering service.
  • Chris Partridge ★★★★★ in the last week
    A relatively new client, we’ve found the team at Face for Business to be fantastic, always eager to help. Our call handling needs are not straight forward but FFB have worked on rules and processes to ensure that messages are taken, meetings … More are booked or call transfers are managed according to the customers’ needs and our internal processes. I feel relaxed and confident with them being the first stop for customer interactions.
    Their mobile phone app to enable me to adjust how calls are handled based on my availability as well as contact my PA directly or listen back to any calls taken is incredibly useful.
    I cannot recommend them highly enough.
  • Edwina Sleight ★★★★★ a week ago
    I have used Face for Business for a long time, and find them to be reliable, friendly, helpful, efficient and professional in dealing with myself and my clients.
    They represent very good value and I would highly recommend them

Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of phone answering service can you offer our law firm?

    You have a range of calls coming into your office all day. Some urgent, some not, but many are sensitive in nature and require the highest standards of professionalism and discretion to keep confidence high among your clients.

    We’ve got a team of virtual receptionists who specialise in call answering and admin services for law firms, but there is no one size fits all service that will work for you.

    That’s why we work with you to build the best package of services based on your law firm’s individual requirements and budget.

    We can take on any level of phone answering, from taking over partial management of your firm’s call answering, to dealing with every incoming call you have, making sure messages get to the right people.

    If you need something extra, we can help create a full virtual switchboard for your law firm, ensuring every call is dealt with and passed on to the right associate every time.

  • How much does a call answering service cost to set up?

    We don’t charge set up fees so you’ll have no additional cost other than the price of your call answering or virtual receptionist package you choose.

    Plus, we don’t believe in trying to confuse customers with complicated pricing structures, which is why all our prices are completely transparent, so you can see all the services you’re paying for, and exactly how much it will cost.

    You can get more pricing specific information by calling a member of our team on 0333 232 1007.

  • How can we be sure a phone answering service will work for our law firm?

    We know it can be hard to judge the effectiveness of a new service until you’ve used it for real, which is why we offer all new customers the chance to sign up to a free, no obligation, 7 day trial of our services. Alternatively why not just ask for a testimonial or recommendation.?

    You’ll get full access to our call answering service so you’ll see how it works and fits into your business.

    If you decide it’s not for you, there’s no need to carry on after 7 days. Simple.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my call answering service at any time?

    Yes, absolutely.

    We’ve helped enough clients over the years to know you can’t always predict how busy you’ll be at any given time.

    So all our call answering and virtual receptionist services for law firms are fully scalable to match your needs, however they change throughout the year.

    Free Bill Optimisation – we are one of the few call answering services who simply optimise your bill every month. If you use, you pay less and if you use more we give you the best rate for what you use., ensuring your always on the best plan for your business

    If you need to change again later on, just get in touch again and we can work something else out for you.

  • Can you deal with calls for our law firm after hours?

    Yes we can.

    You work long hours but you’ve got to clock off sometime and go home. But just because you’ve clocked off, doesn’t mean your business has.

    Our out of hours call answering ensures all your calls continue to be answered properly and quickly, even when your business is shut down for the day.

    If a call comes in after we’ve finished (after 8pm Mon-Fri and 5:30pm Sat) we’ll create a personalised voice message for you, or we can arrange to have urgent calls forwarded to a designated number to be handled by a member of your team in person.

  • What can we do if we lose a message you’ve sent to our firm?

    All calls are automatically saved along with your messages in your dedicated client portal, so they’re easily retrievable if you misplace a message after we’ve passed it on.

    Plus, because we provide you with access to the full audio recording of every call that comes into your business, you can make sure we’re dealing with calls exactly as you’d expect.