Face for Business overcomes the challenges managing different driving schools!

Telephone Answering for Driving Schools

Face for Business prides itself on providing a first-class service for its clients, in particular for our customers who use our telephone answering service for their driving schools. Face for Business has helped driving instructors to obtain new pupils whilst they are out at driving lessons. Driving instructors can’t answer the phone whilst out with a pupil on a lesson, so a call handling provision works extremely well for them. Approximately, 60% of our calls for driving schools and instructors are from new pupils. Had the call not been answered, the prospective pupil could have gone to a competitor.  Have a look at our driving schools case study here.

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How Face for Business Innovates for Driving Instructors

Face for Business was shortlisted for a Red Rose Award last year, in the innovation category, due to our motivation to innovate. We enhanced our call answering provision to be able to book lessons online for the driving schools and instructors we have as clients. Recently we went one step further and now have a database which makes our call handing more effective and efficient.

Driving School Database

Developed in conjunction with a database specialist and one of our lead PA’s, Sharon, the database was developed to filter out available instructors. Initially we used excel to present the associated data in terms of instructors, postcodes, and manual/automatic criteria.  So, when we were on a call, we would ask a certain number of questions and would have to click on a certain tab to obtain the relevant information. This process was time consuming and sometimes unclear.

Sharon conscientiously inputted all the data we had for driving instructors into the database, and briefed all PAs on the new system. Now when a call comes into Face for Business for driving instructors, we are able to find a suitable driving instructor using our own bespoke database. Our PAs are also able to talk our driving school clients through the database via a Join Me, so they can see how their information is stored and used.

FFB-Sharon-PA                                                                                       Sharon, FFB PA.

Going the extra mile!

We hope that our commitment to delivering outstanding quality, service and value is proven in our dedication to our client’s needs.  We want to ‘go the extra mile‘ by having the best call answering provision in the UK.

Please review the testimonials from our existing driving school and driving instructor clients.

  • Edwina Sleight ★★★★★ in the last week
    I have used Face for Business for a long time, and find them to be reliable, friendly, helpful, efficient and professional in dealing with myself and my clients.
    They represent very good value and I would highly recommend them
  • Susan Bromwich ★★★★★ in the last week
    Face for Business is a no-brainer. They are saving our team a huge amount of time by managing all incoming calls. Clients are experiencing a higher level of service and our team can focus on what they do best. The service is so good, that … More my clients have started asking me who is managing our calls. I have no hesitation in providing an introduction!
  • Cosmex Clinic ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    What a fabulous company I cant thank Face For Business enough for taking the calls that we cant, this way we never loose business. Great Team, Great Service. I cant recommend them enough!