So, how do you choose the right telephone answering service?

We can help in a number of ways…

More businesses than ever are outsourcing or planning to outsource parts of their operational requirements.

In 2021 around 80% of companies said they planned to outsource parts of their company in the next few years.

From marketing and sales, website management, and recruitment, outsourcing can provide specialist help in specific business areas in a more cost effective way than hiring in-house.

One area of business that’s often overlooked for outsourcing is telephone answering.

But it can have some of the most significant benefits of any area in your business.

Not only will it make sure you never miss calls, it can give you and your employees more time and resources to focus on value adding to your business and increase your chances for success in the long run.

If you’re considering outsourcing your business’ telephone answering, here are a list of key things to consider.

Do they offer extended opening hours?

One of the key benefits of outsourcing your telephone answering is you can extend your business’ call answering beyond your ‘normal’ 9-5, without working extra hours yourself.

But this is only a benefit if your outsourced provider actually offers it, and this service can differ between providers.

You should confirm with your potential provider that they have an out-of-hours call answering service, and also what those hours are.

Can you judge the quality of their call answering?

As well as feedback from clients and test calls, the best call answering services understand your outsourcing a key part of your business and will provide you with easy access to listen to their call handling.

You can then judge the service you’re getting as and when you want and this should be provided at a click of a button without having to request calls. 

Having listened to the calls can you provide feedback good or bad?

At Face for Business we pride ourselves on long term relationships with our clients and that is largely on working with them to improve the quality of their customer service, ensuring every call we’re tasked with answering is dealt with promptly, and professionally every time. 

Do they have customer testimonials?

Hiring an outsourced call answering service is a big decision, and a big risk if you choose the wrong provider.

This is going to be a customer facing service who will represent you to anyone who calls your business – so you want to make sure they’ll represent you in the way you want.

One of the simplest ways of checking the quality of the service you’re hiring, is checking their customer reviews and testimonials.

How many positive reviews does the service have, and are they focussing on the types of services you want to hire?

How to choose the right telephone answering service

How will they work with your business?

Investing in a third party provider to work with your business should be more than just hiring a service.

It should be seen as bringing in a valuable partner who can help your business improve in a specific area.

And part of that success comes with integrating that service into your business so it doesn’t disrupt how you work.

So you should understand how your telephone answering service will integrate with your existing business and processes, and how you can adapt it to work best.

This includes everything from how they’ll answer calls and the information they’ll take for messages, to the way you’ll receive those messages and how your virtual assistants communicate with you.

If you’re expected to change how you work to fit your service provider, they might not be the one for you.

Invest in telephone answering services with Face For Business

If you’re looking for a reliable, scalable and cost effective telephone answering service, then contact us at Face For Business.

We’ve become the customer-facing call answering service for hundreds of companies, many who have won or retained new customers of their own based on the quality of our answering service.

If you’re not sure that a telephone answering service is right for you, or will fit into your business, you can take advantage of our no obligation free trial.

You can use our professional service free of charge to see the full benefits of telephone answering in your business.

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  • Pure West Radio ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    We have been using Face For Business for approximately a year. From the first conversation with the wonderful Susan Holme we felt confident and relaxed that we were in good hands. A year on we can honestly say that this now forms an Integral … More part of our business. The security knowing that every call will be answered in a polite and professional manner is worth every penny. The app to access the messages and call recordings is super easy to use. Keep up the amazing work Team FFB!!
  • iLove homes Walsall ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Fantastic customer service from the team at Face For Business. We previously used another well known virtual receptionist, but prices escalated, so we spoke to several virtual receptionists to replace them. Helen Christian was our first … More contact and she was professional and helpful. Mike Bilboe was then our point of contact, his communication and customer service has been second to none. Well done and keep up the good work
  • Anji Hazell ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    We have only been using Face for Business for a short time but the service has been exceptional. Nothing is too much trouble. Mike and the staff are very accommodating and as our business needs change sometimes at a pace it is very reassuring … More that they can make the changes seamlessly.
    Would definitely recommend.