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Life With Us

Your Virtual Receptionist

At Face for Business, every company is assigned a lead receptionist. All your calls will be answered by your lead assistant whenever possible. Your virtual PA will take the time to get to know your business, ensuring that all calls are dealt with professionally and efficiently.

Your receptionist and their team will take the time to understand your company, making Face for Business not only a service, but a partnership. As your lead virtual receptionist will answer the phone for the majority of your calls, returning clients will come to recognise your receptionist’s voice as if they were a permanent member of your company. This helps to create a stable working relationship between Face for Business, your company, and your customers.

Virtual Receptionist

Your Dedicated PA

Working with you like a Member of the Team

  • If you need to pass on messages or instructions, you can get in contact with your receptionist at any time - we're always here to help.
  • All our receptionists are fully trained, natural communicators with exceptional people skills. We only employ the best and brightest people, and back this up with a positive attitude and the latest technology.
  • In short, we provide a reliable, friendly, professional service based around one receptionist who's the perfect voice for your business.

Day-to-Day Activity

with Your Virtual Assistant

So what happens when a call comes in? It’s simple: we answer. We'll always be professional and courteous, and use whatever greeting you have designated.

Tailored for You

But we're not a one-size-fits-all service. We know that a generic template applied to each and every business simply would not work, and would do the individual nature of your company a major disservice. Our plans will be shaped around your business and we can work with you to provide the perfect service.

Bespoke Call Handling

If you want certain callers to be greeted in a particular manner, we can do that. Important callers can be immediately transferred to the relevant member of staff, and we can even block irritating cold-callers!

All Calls Recorded

You will receive the details of every call and message taken, with the option to listen back to the conversation through our call tracking software.

Working In Real-Time

We will work with you in real time to provide the most personal and professional service possible. If you want to update us with new information at any point during the day – maybe your meeting has overrun or you’re stuck in traffic – you can easily send us a message from your computer or mobile. We will then use this information when deciding whether to transfer a call or inform a caller that you are on your way.

Ultimately, we recognise that every business is different, every person is different, and every day is different.

Our Promise

Open | Professional | Honest

We hope it's obvious, but it's worth saying anyway; Face for Business is dedicated to being open, professional and most importantly, honest.

Our aim is to be as completely up-front and open with our costs as possible:

  • There are no hidden fees or charges involved in any of our services
  • You can view your rates and tariffs at any point by logging into your customer portal
  • You can accurately track your usage and, if needs be, even adjust your package accordingly
  • If we think we can offer you a better price plan to the one you're on, we'll even give you a call to let you know

We are here to make your life easier and allow your business to operate smoothly.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask!

We're here to help your business grow


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