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Create better customer experiences

Telephone Answering Service

Our highly trained virtual PAs provide a professional phone answering service so you can focus on your work and customers.


A better telephone answering service

Our phone answering service ensures you never miss another inbound call or new business opportunity. Improve your customers’ experience. Your callers will always be greeted by a friendly voice.

No set-up or training fees

Why should you pay to get started with a telephone answering service? We don’t think you should, which is why we don’t charge set-up fees.

Pricing to the second

Get more call answering every month by only paying for the time you use. At Face For Business, we charge by the second instead of rounding up to the nearest minute.

Optimised pricing

Avoid unnecessary charges for going over your monthly call allowance. We proactively put you on the best business call answering service tariff based on your usage, so you pay the best price.

No out-of-hours premium

Why pay a premium if you need an out-of-hours telephone answering service? We keep a flat rate, so you pay the same regardless of when we’re answering your calls.

No charge for sales & nuisance calls

If we take a sales call, we won’t count it towards your monthly tariff, so you only pay for calls that matter. We’ll even help you get removed from nuisance call lists.

UK-based PAs

We employ all of our phone answering service PAs in the UK and train them in-house to answer your calls as if they were in your own office, so you know you’re getting the best service.

A trusted phone answering service partner


Featured Case Study
Robinson Residential Sales & Lettings

Aurelia Simcock, Office manager, Robinson Residential Sales and Lettings explains how Face For Business’ call answering service is driving better results for this busy estate and lettings agency.

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How we answer your calls

Sync your phone numbers to our answering system

When someone calls your number, your virtual call answering service PAs can automatically see your company details, so they can confidently answer the call as if they were based in your office.

We automatically see the call history

As well as your company details, your professional PA can also see the call history of the number. They’ll know if the person or business has called before, who they asked for and the outcome of the last call.

We can easily handle basic enquiries

If a customer or client is calling with a basic enquiry, like your opening times or with a question about a product, your virtual PAs can answer these questions directly as we’ll cover this info during our telephone answering service onboarding. This lets us help your customers quickly and give you more time.

We’ll take a message or forward a call

If you or your team aren’t available, we’ll take a detailed message with all the information you’ll need to return the call later and send it straight to you and your client portal. If you’re available, or it’s an important call, we’ll transfer it directly to the right person.

Call info and recording is delivered to you

As well as all the information you need about the calls we’re dealing with, we’re the only telephone answering service that automatically sends you the full recording of every phone call we deal with directly to your customer app.

You can return calls and manage your PAs

Once you've dealt with the call or returned a message, you can review how our PAs have handled your calls, and if you want anything changed we can do that immediately

What our customers say about our call answering services

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Face For Business support and suit our ever changing needs alongside providing help!

review img

Every step of the process was fully explained, with regular updates.

review img

I recommend them to everyone and I’m always full of praise for the service.

review img

A very slick operation, would highly recommend

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Nothing is too much trouble and they're always on hand to answer any queries.

Have questions about our phone answering service or want to get a free quote?


If you want to know more about our telephone answering service, you can call us on 0333 323 1007 or just complete the form below and we’ll call you.


    What level of telephone answering service do you need?

    Message Only

    Message Only

    An ideal starting point for smaller businesses in need of a basic phone answering service when you can't get to the phone

    Inclusive Minutes

    Inclusive Minutes

    Perfect phone answering service for small or medium businesses that need support answering calls, taking messages, forwarding calls and have our PAs answering some customer enquiries directly

    Managed Switchboard

    Managed Switchboard

    The solution for larger businesses with more complex call answering demands across multiple phones or with remote teams


    Our PAs are experts at delivering a personal service to your customers

    Why choose Face For Business as your telephone answering service?

    A personal touch
    A personal touch

    Technology is amazing, but it can't compare to the warmth of human interaction. That's why we prioritise recruiting for personality, so we can provide your customers with a friendly and personable service.

    Proven results
    Proven results

    For over a decade, we’ve been trusted to provide telephone answering services. We’re proud to be transparent and consistently deliver proven results.

    Simple portal
    Simple portal

    You can easily manage your account and package through our customer portal. All your call recordings are conveniently located in one place where you can provide feedback for our call answering services whenever you want.


    “It’s a real team atmosphere and we all support each other to help clients.”

    Why choose Face For Business as your telephone answering service?

    Total integration
    Total integration

    We can integrate with Microsoft and Stripe, as well as directly with your CRM, so your sales team can monitor inbound calls, take payments easily, and help manage your online appointment bookings. It's all in one simple system!

    24/7 access
    24/7 access

    We’re the only phone answering service that offers immediate access to all your full call recordings. You can listen to exactly how your customers are dealt with. This allows us to be accountable for our call scripts and ensure our virtual PAs accurately represent your business.

    How do we set up your telephone answering service?

    Speak to us

    We start by learning about your business, services and the level of support you need so we can recommend the right telephone answering service package and level of support. You can also start on a 7-day free trial.

    We set you up

    Once we've got to know what you need from a call answering service, we'll set you up on our telephone answering system, connect your phone numbers, and arrange access for your online portal and app.

    We start taking calls

    We'll take away the stress of trying to answer every call so you can have more time to focus on your customers and getting tasks done. You'll have full visibility of your account and call recordings in your portal and app.


    Create a scalable telephone answering service

    You can’t always predict how much phone answering support you’ll need every month, which is why our telephone answering services are flexible and can be scaled in line with how much support you need.

    Going through a quiet period? No problem, we can put you on a lower tariff so you pay less. Going through a growth period and inundated with calls? Just add minutes to your package and we’ll be there to support you.

    Plus, we continually optimise your package based on how much of your phone answering service you’re using. This means you don’t have the headache of constantly checking how much of your service you’re actually using, because we make sure you’re always on the best telephone answering service tariff for your needs.


    Meet some of our PAs

    “I have worked at Face For Business for nearly 18 months and I truly feel at home here. The staff are very proactive with the training, which helps you settle in quickly with the team. Everyone in the office is very supportive and they are always there to offer a helping hand. This also means that you develop a good relationship with the people you are working with, or in my case genuine friendships.”


    Meet some of our PAs

    “I have been working for Face For Business for 3 years now, I joined during the 1st lockdown in strange times. It was lovely to join such a friendly office where everyone is so friendly and helps each other. I have lived in Burscough all my life and was so pleased when I was able to join a company where I can walk to work each day.”


    Meet some of our PAs

    “I have worked at Face For Business for almost 2 years now!

    “I do genuinely enjoy coming into work and seeing my colleagues as I work with such a lovely team (time flies when you’re having fun!). You always have something to do when working as a PA and the days fly by as you’re busy answering calls and dealing with live chats for our customers.

    “We love when its Christmas time in the office as it is filled with activities and fun! My personal favourite was coming in wearing our PJ’s to raise money for charity!”


    Meet some of our PAs

    “I can honestly say that since working at FFB I have enjoyed coming to work everyday and this is down to the wonderful people that I work with and the nature of the job, every day is different due to variety of businesses that we handle calls for.  The job offers the flexibility that I need to fit in with my personal life too.

    “The management team here are quite unique and prioritise their staff, taking time to listen to all the team and welcome feedback and suggestions and are more than happy to implement new ideas that will benefit the business and the staff’s wellbeing.”


    Meet some of our PAs

    “I joined Face for Business nearly 2 years ago and one thing I love about this company, is that you are more than just an employee, you really become part of the FBB family!

    “Work is no longer something I dread in the morning, but something I fully enjoy!
    Face for Business goes above and beyond for all our clients and we really do work hard on making smiles bigger!”


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a telephone answering service?

    A telephone answering service handles incoming phone calls on behalf of a business or individual. This service typically includes answering calls, taking messages, and forwarding calls to the appropriate person or department.

    Call answering services can be especially beneficial for businesses that receive a high volume of calls or operate outside of regular business hours.

    By outsourcing their call handling to a professional phone answering service, businesses can ensure that all calls are answered promptly and professionally, improving customer satisfaction and overall efficiency.

    How does a telephone answering service work?

    A telephone answering service works by providing a professional and efficient solution for managing incoming calls on behalf of a company or individual. When a call comes in, it’s answered by a trained operator who is knowledgeable about the specific business or industry.

    The operator gathers all relevant information and handles the call based on predetermined protocols or instructions provided by the client. This could involve taking messages, scheduling appointments, transferring calls, or providing basic customer support. 

    The goal of a telephone answering service is to ensure that all calls are handled promptly and professionally, improving customer satisfaction and freeing up valuable time for business owners to focus on other tasks.

    What are the benefits of using a call answering service?

    Using a telephone answering service firstly ensures that all incoming calls are answered promptly and professionally, even during peak times or outside of regular business hours. This helps to enhance customer satisfaction and prevent potential clients from being directed to voicemail or going unanswered.

    Additionally, a phone answering service can provide a personalised and friendly customer experience, building trust and credibility with customers. Furthermore, outsourcing telephone answering services can be incredibly cost-effective compared to hiring full-time receptionists, as it eliminates the need for additional office space, equipment, and full-time employee wages. 

    Overall, using a telephone answering service can improve customer service, save time and money, and contribute to the overall success of a business.

    What type of businesses can benefit from a call answering service?

    Any business that struggles to get to the phone on time all of the time can benefit from a phone answering service. Businesses that benefit from our professional, reliable telephone answering service include:

    Can a telephone answering service handle multiple calls at once?

    Yes, a telephone answering service is designed to handle multiple calls at once. Phone answering services typically have a team of trained professionals who are skilled in efficiently managing and handling incoming calls.

    Using advanced call management systems and technology, they can handle multiple calls simultaneously, ensuring that each caller receives prompt and professional assistance. This capability is especially beneficial for businesses that receive a high volume of incoming calls or those that operate in industries where quick response times are crucial.

    By outsourcing their call handling needs to a telephone answering service, businesses can ensure all their calls are efficiently managed, improving customer satisfaction and allowing them to focus on their core operations.

    How much does your telephone answering service cost?

    Our most popular telephone answering service packages start at £200 per month, while smaller businesses tend to start at around £95. All bills are optimised every month, so if you have a quieter month or your business is seasonal, we work with you and ensure you’re only paying the appropriate call answering service tariff each month.

    Can I change my telephone answering package at any time?

    We understand that sometimes you have more free time or a sudden increase in calls.

    Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We optimise your account based on your usage. If you use our answering service less in one month, we adjust your package accordingly.

    And if you use more, we upgrade you automatically. You’ll always get the best value without any effort on your part.

    What happens to my messages after you’ve taken them?

    We make sure your messages reach the right person in their preferred way, whether it’s email, text, or our customer portal.

    Don’t worry about losing important messages – we store them in your client portal for easy reference.

    We even provide call recordings so you can see how our PAs handle each call, so you can request changes if needed.

    How long will my telephone answering service contract last?

    Our standard telephone answering service contracts are offered on a 30 day rolling period after your free trial and minimum commitment period of 120 days is over.

    What happens if I get multiple calls at once and my PA is on the phone?

    When you sign up for our telephone answering service, you’ll get a team of professional PAs assigned to you.

    Your team will consist of three PAs and your account lead.

    If one PA is busy, the others will take care of your calls. You’re in good hands!

    Will your PAs answer all my calls?

    Absolutely! The level of call handling we do depends on your chosen package. If you signed up for managed live chat, our virtual PAs will focus on assisting with customer queries online.

    When you use our telephone answering service, you can specify if you want us to handle all your incoming calls or just help with overflow.

    Additionally, we can set up automatic diversions for specific calls, such as when your phone is busy or if the call goes unanswered for a certain time.

    What happens if I don’t want certain calls to be answered by Face for Business?

    We’ll only answer the calls you’re happy for us to. As part of your phone answering service onboarding, we’ll discuss your exact requirements, whether you’re signing up for your free 7-day trial or as part of a longer term contract.

    How do your call handlers work with my team?

    During your onboarding, we’ll gather the contact info of all the employees we’ll be working with.

    This will help us quickly forward calls and messages.

    You can let us know how you want us to answer calls and how you want to be notified (text, email, or via our client portal).

    How do I know you’re dealing with my calls properly?

    We don’t just provide telephone answering services, we also offer complete call recordings for every call we answer.

    This gives you the opportunity to review how your PAs handle your incoming calls and make any necessary changes.

    You’ll have direct access to all our forwarded calls whenever you want through your client portal.

    What’s the difference between a telephone answering service and a virtual receptionist?

    A telephone answering service and virtual receptionist can both answer calls for your business. The key difference is that while a call answering service will answer calls promptly and take messages for you, a virtual receptionist can also carry out other administrative tasks. These could include tasks such as booking appointments and other traditional receptionist duties.

    Get a price for your telephone answering service

    Give us a call and we’ll give you a more detailed price breakdown based on your current needs