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AcountantsAccountancy firms range in size from one-person operations to large multinationals. What they all have in common is the need to present a professional image over the phone. Our services are suited to companies of all sizes, whether small outfits without the necessary personnel to take all calls that come into the office or larger businesses that need cover for busy periods, holidays or staff absences. Whatever the size of your accountancy firm, our experienced and knowledgeable receptionists can help improve your level of customer service.

Features and Benefits for Accountants:

  • Flexible Call Answering Service: Divert your calls to us as and when required. Use us all of the time or some of the time. Overflow cover during peak periods or holiday cover, as well as sickness or long-term absence cover.
  • Personalised Service: We answer the phone with a personalised greeting, as if we are working alongside you.
  • Call Recording: Each call is recorded enabling you to listen back to your customers' conversations with our PAs. This popular feature provides accountants with the peace of mind that no information is being missed, and is particularly important with key financial information.
  • Messages: All messages are relayed to you promptly, in a clear and accurate format via SMS or text.
  • Continuity: We offer your business a consistent and continuous service, as well as helping secure new clients.

We know from existing accountancy clients that the sector encounters peaks and troughs in volumes of customer enquiries. For instance, during year-end and self-assessment deadlines there can be an influx of calls, some of which may be missed due to staff shortages or a busy workforce. Face for Business is helping accountants save costs and capture all calls by offering an alternative to full-time receptionists or temp agency staff to cover busy periods. Many of our clients now use us to handle their overflow calls during peak periods and the flexibility of our service means they can use us as and when needed.

MJH Accountants

Accountancy Case Study

Client: MJH Accountancy Services Ltd

We have been working with MJH Accountancy since July 2013, they were one of our first customers and are still using our service to date, proving that they are more than happy with our provision.

As with most accountants, MJH Accountancy has peaks and troughs throughout the year. At busier times, such as self-assessment periods or end of year, their phone calls peak with clients requesting meetings and guidance, and new clients ringing up regarding the completion of their first assessment. At these times, there is a solution to the abundance of phone calls.

MJH Accountancy divert all calls to Face for Business where we capture those new clients for them and take messages from existing clients - these messages are forwarded immediately to their inboxes, where they prioritise the order in which clients are called back.

The benefits of using Face for Business for MJH Accountancy are:

  • The option to divert calls during seasonal highs and lows.
  • Cost savings - MJH Accountancy relies on our back-up when they need to outsource their calls during the busier periods.
  • Calls are recorded, and can be listened to, to gain any further details required.
  • Employee costs are reduced, as MJH Accountancy does not need another member of staff, but does require additional support periodically.

Client Testimonial

Face for Business gives me the freedom to concentrate on working on the day to day demands of my practice without worrying about missing important calls from my clients or potential clients. Each time I get a call I am immediately informed by my dedicated PA, Annette Parker.

When I have asked my clients about their experience when calls have been handled by Face for Business, they say the service is professional and a delight. My PA Annette answers all my calls as though she is with me in my office and is part of my team. Annette is always available to speak to and is always happy to help. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Face for Business.

MJH Accountancy