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RetailersIndependent high value retailers experience different work flows through the day, week, month or season. One moment they may be quiet, the next juggling multiple customers, both face-to-face and over the phone. Face for business can help alleviate the stress of that ringing phone by answering calls on their behalf, explaining that all advisers are busy and taking a message just as if sat in the business. When the retailer is then free again they can call back the customer. Customer service is improved and phone opportunities are not missed in those busy periods.


Features and Benefits for Retail Companies

  • Outsourced Reception: We offer flexible cover as and when you need it. Whether occasional call answering cover during busy periods, or to cover staff absences such as sickness, holidays or maternity leave, we’re here to help you manage your calls.
  • Business Continuity: Your dedicated PA will take calls when you are unable to, and provide your callers with excellent customer service. We capture detailed caller information, and relay messages to you immediately.
  • All Calls Recorded: Using our online call management portal you can listen back to all the calls taken by our PAs.
  • Busy Periods: During busy retail periods, such as Christmas, you may find that there is little time to handle incoming calls properly. Outsource your calls to Face for Business as and when you need the service and we’ll help provide the right level of customer service and ensure you never miss an important sales call.

Missed calls mean missed opportunities. We know from experience that our clients in the retail industry can find it hard to handle calls during busy periods, with staff often engaged in assisting customers on the shop floor. Mishandling calls can prove frustrating for customers and result in lost sales or a negative perception of your business.

Diverting unanswered calls to Face for Business can take some of the weight off your shoulders. We can set up a service that diverts only those calls unanswered after a number of rings, ensuring that you only use the service when it is needed. What’s more, we take time to understand your business and product offering, so that many simple customer enquiries can be handled at source. All calls taken are recorded and detailed messages are passed immediately through to you via text or email.


Retail Company Case Study

Client: Lilleymans


Lilleymans started as a traditional retailer of high quality furniture, selling to the local people of Manchester, they have also now gone online, selling to customers across the UK.

During busy periods it is essential that someone is able to answer the calls, so rather than employing someone directly Lilleymans took the step to work with Face for Business in order to meet customers expectations and answer the phone promptly. Lilleymans now work hand in hand with their lead receptionist Sharon, at a fraction of the cost required to employ someone directly.

The benefits of using Face for Business for Lilleymans are:

  • Sales staff can remain focussed on selling rather than fielding a range of calls.
  • The PAs take detailed information from callers enabling Lilleymans to identify and prioritise responses to new enquiries.
  • Diverting calls to us frees up time for our client to develop relationships with customers
  • The nature of our clients’ work means that a lot of sales calls come through - we can screen them for genuine enquiries.

Client Testimonial

FFB have provided a stellar service to enable our business to operate without worrying about missed calls or opportunities. At Lilleymans, we pride ourselves on our traditional family values and FFB have completely understood the way in which our business operates.

Now we can concentrate on other matters safe in the security that our dedicated receptionist is at hand to greet new and returning customers.