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Create the right first impression with our call answering services

Call Answering Service

Never miss a call again with our expert call answering services. Get a free 7-day trial of our outsourced customer service to see how we can help your business thrive.


 “I feel fortunate to be part of such an amazing team, working in a wonderful environment.” 


Karen Griffin 

Expert call answering services

Telephone Answering

Telephone Answering

Missed calls are missed opportunities. We answer every call to make sure you seize and capture every lead that comes your way.

  • Accurate message taking and call forwarding
  • Fully outsourced switchboard management
  • Bespoke call handling scripts to complement your business

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

Put a real, professional voice behind your business’ customer support just like they’re walking into your office.

  • Professional call handling and forwarding services
  • Dedicated team of PAs answering every call
  • Online appointment booking and schedule management

Managed Live Chat

Managed Live Chat

Turn your website into a lead generation machine with immediate answers to customer enquiries.

  • Fully managed live chat services from professionally trained PAs
  • Create a great first impression to your customers
  • Answer customer queries directly and quickly

A trusted call answering service


Our Call Answering Service by the Numbers

Busy employees won’t always answer the phone the way you want them to. When they’re busy, a sudden phone call taking them away from work can feel more like an inconvenience than anything else.


years of industry experience amongst our company’s employees


and more calls handled by our PA’s


of all our calls are answered within 3 rings


“We are real people who care about our job.”

Diane Davies

Benefits Of Using Our Outsourced Customer Service

Professionalise your ‘front of house’
Professionalise your ‘front of house’

When your employees are busy, a sudden phone call taking them away from vital work can feel more like an inconvenience than anything else. Our expert PAs always answer calls in a professional tone that complements your brand to set the stage for a better customer experience.

Deal with calls more efficiently
Deal with calls more efficiently

Businesses rarely deal with one call at a time, especially during peak periods. Opting for a telephone answering service provides you with a dedicated team of virtual PAs who can handle higher call volumes than a single member of staff, while delivering an exceptional level of personal service to your customers.


“We answer all calls swiftly & professionally, no matter how busy you are.“

Faye Bampton

Benefits Of Using Our Outsourced Customer Service

Extend your opening hours
Extend your opening hours

Not every customer or prospect will contact you during the normal 9-5. It’s not practical for you to be available 24/7 – unless you’re planning on burning out. Our call answering service can extend your opening hours so your business can answer calls for a longer period, including weekends. That way, you’re not missing potential new business without committing to a longer work day.

Increase productivity
Increase productivity

While you might want to answer every call, this can take you away from more important things like planning for the future of your company, especially when it’s a sales call. By having a team of virtual PAs answer your calls, you can have more time to focus on your work and be more productive.


“Everyone treats their work with an incredibly high standard and goes above and beyond for clients.“

Lisa Brown

Benefits Of Using Our Outsourced Customer Service

Save time and money
Save time and money

Unlike hiring a full-time or part-time member of staff, you’ll only pay for the service you use when choosing outsourced customer service. Some will charge based on call volume, others by time spent on the phone. Either way, you’ll spend less than if you hired a member of staff. This can free up more money to invest elsewhere in your business.

Filter unwanted sales calls
Filter unwanted sales calls

Third-party sales calls are simply part of running a business. From office supplies to new software, there’s always a company trying to sell you their product or service. Our call answering service acts as a barrier between you and the calls you don’t want to deal with, filtering unwanted calls and removing your number from undesirable sales lists.

Don't just take our word about our call answering services

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Face For Business support and suit our ever changing needs alongside providing help!

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Every step of the process was fully explained, with regular updates.

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I recommend them to everyone and I’m always full of praise for the service.

review img

A very slick operation, would highly recommend!

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Nothing is too much trouble and they're always on hand to answer any queries.

Why choose our call answering services?

We put people first

Technology can never replace the human touch, which is why we recruit for personality, so we can give your customers a personable service.

A human experience

Whether we’re talking to your customers over the phone or online through managed live chat there’s always a real person behind the scenes.

A proven call answering service

There’s a reason we’ve been trusted to deliver call answering services for more than a decade. We’re transparent and deliver proven results.

Easy-to-use customer portal

Manage your account and package with our super simple customer portal. Listen to your call recordings in one place, review our answering scripts and leave feedback for our answering services as and when you feel like it to help us improve our calls.

Expert integration

We can integrate with most of the popular enterprise technology providers on the market, like Microsoft and Stripe, as well as integrating directly with your CRM so your sales team can monitor inbound calls, take payments directly and help you manage your online appointment bookings from one simple system.

Catch every lead & enquiry

It’s frustrating when any call is unanswered or missed, but particularly when it could have been a valuable lead. Our virtual call handling experts ensure every enquiry is responded to promptly, no matter how big or small.

Total access

Ours is the only call answering service that gives you immediate access to all your full call recordings so you can listen to exactly how your customers are dealt with. This enables us to be accountable for our call scripts and ensure our virtual PAs are accurately representing your business.

The Face For Business Difference

Our Why

Everything we do is geared towards delighting our customers by offering a service that delights theirs.

Our Mission

When it comes to our customer service we've made it a mission to over deliver on everything we promise so you have the best possible experience.

Our Vision

We work hard to win the trust of our customers. We want to become the UK's most trusted business support service.

Get a quote and try our call answering service FREE for 7 days

"Face For Business Offer A PoliteAnd Professional Call Answering Service!"

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“The call handling staff offer a polite and professional answering service. I’d gladly recommend Face For Business!”


“The work culture is friendly, motivational and inspiring, with lots of fun incentives each month.“


Call Answering Service You Can Rely On

Partnering with Face For Business means you have access to everything you need to deliver a professional, reliable outsourced customer service for a fraction of the cost of hiring staff.

You could be a small business looking for help answering all your calls, a medium-sized business in need of a virtual receptionist to handle overflow calls during busy periods.

Or large organisation in need of a fully outsourced switchboard service, or mix of people and technology has you covered.

From answering services for estate agents to capture more leads.

To answering services for solicitors delivered by experienced PAs who can help you manage overflow client calls, our telephone answering services can be tailored to various business sectors.

Our Outsourced Customer Service

We get that running your business isn’t easy and you might not always have the time to answer the phone when a customer or new business opportunity calls. We’ve built out call answering service to give you everything you need to make your call answering and customer service more effective whether it’s over the phone or online.

Using our outsourced customer and call answering service helps you create a better customer experience while giving you and your team more time on your business and completing tasks.

Choose the right call answering service package

Message Only

Message Only

Ideal for smaller businesses that need a standby service when they're too busy to answer the phone.

Inclusive Minutes

Inclusive Minutes

Best for small and medium businesses that need a reliable call answering service to take and deliver messages and deal with some customer enquiries directly.

Outsourced Switchboard

Outsourced Switchboard

Perfect solution for larger organisations with more complex call management needs involving multiple lines and numbers or those with remote teams.


Try Our Call Answering Services FREE for 7 days

If you’re not sure how a telephone answering service would work in your business, or whether we’d be the right provider, you can try us free for 7 days with no obligation.

We know that trusting someone to come in and deal with your business’ calls is a big step. It’s one you’ll want to get right.

That’s why we give you the chance to use our professional call handlers, free, for an entire week.

We’ll onboard you like we would any customer, then use the 7 days to understand the nuances of your business and demonstrate how a professional call answering service can not only improve your customer service, but help you grow your business. And you won’t have to pay a penny.

Request your free trial

We are Face For Business

Our ethos is to always provide a personal touch to your business through top-notch call answering services. Combining technology and personable people to deliver experiences your customers keep coming back for.


Ask us a question or get a free quote


If you have a question about any of our call answering services or want to get a quote you can give us a call direct on 0333 323 1007 or just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What calls can your call answering service deal with?

    Whether you need a service that can handle every call you get, seasonal support for peak periods, or you just need some help answering overflow calls, our phone answering services are designed to be flexible to suit the needs of your business. Our expert team of virtual PAs can answer as many calls as you need us to at a given time. We’re more than happy to work around your capacity and take on more or less, as and when you need.

    What happens to my messages after you take them?

    All of your messages will be automatically forwarded to the relevant person via their preferred method, whether that’s email, text or through our dedicated customer portal.

    Messages are stored in your client portal so you can refer back to them later, or find them if you accidentally delete a message we’ve forwarded to you. You’ll also get access to every call recording that is dealt with by your virtual PAs, so you can review how each call is being handled and request changes if you’re not satisfied with something regarding your call answering service.

    What happens if more than one customer calls at once and my PA is on the phone?

    When you sign up for our call answering service, you’ll be assigned a team of professional PAs – this is typically made up of three PAs and your account lead.

    If one of your PAs is busy on a call when another comes in, the other members of your team will be able to step in. We’ve got you covered!

    Can your call answering service handle all of my calls?

    Of course! The level of call handling we take care of will depend on the package you’ve signed up for. If you’ve signed up for our managed live chat, for example, your virtual PAs will focus on responding to your customer queries online instead. When you sign up to our call answering service, you can let us know whether you want us to deal with all your business’ incoming calls, or just to help with any overflow that you’re struggling to deal with.

    We can also set up automatic diversions for any calls you want us to handle, for example when your phone is engaged or if the call isn’t answered within a particular time.

    How much does your call answering service cost?

    Our popular call answering packages start at £200 a month, with the price increasing depending on the amount of messages sent in that month.

    If you’re wanting us to take and transfer calls or would like more information than a brief message on the call, our inclusive minutes plan might suit you better. This plan starts at £95 for 50 minutes of call answering per month, rising depending on the minutes used in that month.

    Our plans for message taking, call transfers and lead generation can be tailored to your needs. All bills are optimised every month, so if you have a quieter month or your business is seasonal, we’ll work with you to ensure you’re only paying the appropriate tariff each month.

    Ask a member of our team for more information about how much a call answering service costs to get an accurate quote.

    Can I change my call answering service package at any time?

    Yes! We understand that sometimes you might not be as busy as you thought you’d be, or are seeing an unexpected influx of new calls.

    We always optimise your account depending on your usage. If you use our answering service less in one month, we place you on the package required; likewise, if you use more we move you up a package.

    This means that you’re always getting the best value for money without having to lift a finger.

    How long will my call answering service contract last?

    Our call answering contracts start on a 30 day rolling period once your initial free trial period and minimum commitment of 120 days is over.

    How will your virtual PAs work with my team?

    You can set out how you’d prefer us to answer calls and notification preferences for each team member via text, email or through our dedicated client portal.

    If we’re handling appointment booking, we’ll sync your teams’ diaries with our own system so we have visibility over their availability for meetings, and can automatically book appointments around the times they’re available.

    How do I know you’re dealing with my calls properly?

    Simple – unlike other call answering services, we give you access to the complete call recordings of every call we answer. That way you can review exactly how your virtual assistants are dealing with your business’ incoming calls and request changes if you’re not happy with anything.

    All our calls are forwarded directly to you to access whenever you want.

    Do you provide me with full call recordings as part of your call answering service?

    We certainly do! As well as providing you with your messages, our answering service also provides you with the complete call recordings of every call answered. This way, you can listen back and hear exactly how your virtual PAs are handling calls and request any changes.

    At Face For Business, we provide all your call recordings through your dedicated client portal, which you can access 24/7.

    What training do your call handlers get?

    All of our virtual PAs go through a rigorous 13-week training programme, which includes basic call handling, followed by three stages of calls until they’re able to confidently deal with any type of caller. This is followed by ongoing training as they continue working with us.

    How flexible or scalable is the call answering service?

    We understand that the level of calls you receive won’t be the same all year round, so your requirements for a call answering service will likely change throughout the year. All of our answering services are flexible month-on-month to suit the individual needs of your business.

    Why choose outsourced customer service vs hiring in-house?

    With most call answering services, you pay based on the call volume or time spent on calls. Even if your business deals with hundreds of calls, this price still works out significantly cheaper than the £30,000 a year you could end up spending on a full-time receptionist.

    What’s more, with outsourced customer service, you have a range of options and prices to choose from, so you can build your service around your budget.

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